I’m sorry I’ve been slacking on the Inspiration Friday feature. Ack, there is so much going on these days. I’ll get caught up soon.

The latest:

1. I’m doing something ultra GRAND for National Craft Month, so be sure to check back here on Monday for a treat.

2. My walkathon is this Saturday. It is a 5K, which means it is 3.5 miles. I used to walk six miles a day when I was in college, so didn’t think I’d have any problems with an easy three miles.

“Mom, you were 18,” the kids warned. “Your body is different now. You’d better practice!”

Sooo…yesterday I decided to do a dry run and see where I stand. Maya and I hoofed it to the neighborhood Sonic, got there and called Patrick to pic us up. We were so proud! It felt like at least two miles. I figured I could easily handle another mile for Saturday.

“Yup,” I thought. “Mommy still gots it!”

We arrived home and I checked the stats on MapQuest.

.61 of a mile.

That’s how far we walked. A little over half a mile! And my pinky toes ached and I thought I was going to pass out from exhaustion. Not only that, but the next day my legs and heels cramped. Yah, I need to get out and exercise more. I need to appreciate these limbs and give them some sweaty, muscle-toning love.

As for the walk, I will show up and do my best. I have a week of book signings starting Tuesday so I don’t want to kill myself out there, but I’m going to give it all I have, even if it is slow and steady. I know my dad will be shaking his head and laughing from Heaven!

THANK YOU to everyone who is sponsoring me! If anyone else feels like it, I’m only $75 from my goal!! Here is my donation page! My older brother designs pacemakers and invited me to walk on his team. Oh, lordy, I hope I can make it past the finish line!

3. My novel comes out Monday!!! And what timing – I just received my revision notes today from my editor for my second novel. I enjoyed my little break away from Miss Scarlet’s world and now it is time to go back in and move some furniture around, let go of some clutter and tighten up that story! *Polishing reading glasses*

4. The Crafty Chica Love Shrine Contest is still going on! See what people have turned in already by clicking here. And here are the entry rules!

5. Michaels! Thank you for the updates on the displays, I am so sorry that many stores are sold out. I’ve passed along the info so hopefully they will be restocking soon! I am so grateful, delighted and honored that Michaels is featuring this latest round of products, and I’m grateful to everyone who has shopped for them! Thank you!!

Alrighty, I’m headed off to bed! Have a fantastic Friday!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

P.S. Check out my new novel and Crafty Chica product line!

Love & light,

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  1. Kathy,
    You are amazing. Where DO you get this kind of energy? It is fun to read about your “doings” from the comfort of my laptop. It is inspirational so now I am headed back to my Wii Fit after a longer than I am willing to admit break.
    Good luck with the walk. Remember the tale of the tortoise and the hare. That’s what I tell myself when I just keep going- slowly but surely.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

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