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How to make a cigar box love shrine

How to make a cigar box love shrine


TRIVIA: In my novel, Waking Up in the Land of Glitter, my main character, Star, makes a love shrine much like La tormenta for her ex-boyfriend, Theo.

This is a love shrine I made long before I even called them love shrines! This is from around 2001. I let it go, and wished so bad that I had kept it! I remember taking it into work at the newspaper and showing it to some reporters and then taking orders to make more of them! I started with the base of a cigar box and painted it. I lined the back with paint chip cards and then affixed a page from a Mexican novela comic in the center with a juicy glue stick.

This particular comic was a racy one! This girl was in love with a mysterious stranger who rode into town on a dark horse. She was forbidden to be with him, but they snuck around anyway. I think he saved her life at one point as well. They had one passionate night of lovemaking and then the next morning they were busted! A bad guy from her town killed her lover right before her eyes and this was the page where it happened.

*Wipes tear*

Back to the shrine! I outlined the page in gold glitter and then added small items that were significant to the story of the novela. Except the Homey, I just liked him and he looked good there, so I glued him down. I used hot glue for all those items.

I used Aleene’s Tacky all around the inside borders and added more loose glitter. For the front edge of the box I used a Mardi Gras necklace. Hot glue didn’t keep it in place, so I used hot glue and a slower-drying permanent glue. And then I added ruffles of colored crepe paper around the edges.

And there you have it – a love shrine. Actually, this is the love shrine that inspired the one in my novel. Star makes one for Theo, much like this!

Here is an image of a different couple from a different novela that you can use, just click on the picture for a bigger resolution!




Supplies: Box, Tacky Glue, trinkets, pictures, doilies, lots of hearts.

NOTE: Listen to some great, romantic tunes as you make this shrine. You can think about someone special while you make it or love in general!

1. Find a shallow box – like a cigar box or a heart candy box.

2. Paint the inside and let it dry.

3. Line the inside sides with glue and then coat with loose glitter.

4. Find a juicy, romantic focal image. I like to use images from Mexican novelas. Mount the image to card stock and then to thick foam core. Glue it to the center.

5. Add other small romantic themed items all around, until it looks balanced.

6. Trim the outside with Mardi Gras beads and party streamers.

7. Hang it in  a place you’ll see every day!

Here are some others I made:


7. Write a love poem on the back with a permanent marker.


I’m walking three miles in honor of my dad’s shoes.

When I knew he loved me…


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  1. I just “discovered” you! ordered a book from Amazon, just found your blog…this is very similar to the kind of work I do…try as I might to use other more secure glues tacky glue is me! Absolutely love your love shrine, La Tormenta is fabulous! currently making valentine “boxes” in similar style. Look forward to reading more of your blog and reading the book I just bought! carinos, Kathy P.

  2. I have been to a shop where some of your items were sold. I’m very interested in seeing more of your jewelry. Is there a way to see a large collection of it online? I no longer live in L.A.
    Thank you!


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