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Storybook Love by Michelle Cano

In honor of the Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing different types of love shrines to give you ideas to make your own! Pssstt, enter the contest!!

OK, this one – my sister-in-law made for my Making Shadow Boxes and Shrines book. It is all themed around love and romance. If you look close you can see little pictures frames, mini-glassware, jewelry, flowers and more. I like all the window stories she has going on, but I think my favorite aspect is the way she really popped out the outside of the box with the tulle and the gift boxes on top.

Here are tips to make your own love shrine:

Let your heart guide you. Think of all the things that give you goosebumps (or that you want to give you goosebumps!) and make you happy! Your shrine can be exploding with sparkle and shine, or it can be soft and subdued. Start by laying down a foundation and background, and then adding a focal point, and then add accents to round it off. Setting out your love shrine in a place where you will see it everyday is a great way to bring happiness into your life!

I’m walking three miles in honor of my dad’s shoes.

How to Make a Love Shrine


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