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Artisan Perfume Oils!

This is an unexpected Glitter post!

Elli, a reader, wrote me after she finished the novel and asked for my address so she could send a little sumthang-sumthang. I love surprises! Her package arrived yesterday and the biggest smile spread across my face when I opened it.

She created all-natural perfume oils inspired by Estrella, Chloe and Ofie (the characters in my book)! She came up with her own interpretation of the scents, based on the ladies’ lives and personalities. I love these one-of-a-kind treasures so much and plan to wear them whenever I feel the spirit of one of the craftistas.

Here are Elli’s inspirations for the scents she created (so creative!):

ESTRELLA (Star): Sparkling pink sugar crystals, dusky violet and sweet pea sprays and a Day of the Dead ofrenda covered in rose pedals.

OFELIA: Grainy vanilla lattes and a garden fresh bunch of mixed flowers, topped with a bit of the fastest hook in the land looping warm wool.

CHLOE: No-nonsense, ambitious woods and spices, sparkled up with a citrusy, glittery, mandarin kick. Smells even better when warmed by hot television lights.

VISIT ELLI’S SITE AT http://oakrivertownship.com


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