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Glittered Canvas Art



Blank canvas


fabric paint


Decoupage medium
Typing paper (to catch glitter overflow)


1. Draw your design on the canvas, the bigger and bolder the better.

2. Use a marker to color in the area you want to glitter. DO NOT color the entire picture – only the first area you want to glitter. For example, for the heart picture you see above, you would color the crown yellow and stop.

3. Use your brush to coat the yellow crown area (example) with decoupage medium, and then pour the gold glitter over it. Tap away excess. Move on to the th next section, staying in the lines you drew.

4. When the entire design is covered in glitter, use the Tulip 3D Fashion Paint to draw over the outline. This will make the design POP out. The picture at the top doesn’t show how cool it looks, so just trust me, okay?

TIP: You don’t have to glitter the whole thing. You can glitter the main design, and then color patterns in the background with the markers. You can also sub paint for markers!

Have fun!

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2 thoughts on “Glittered Canvas Art”

  1. Oh. emm. gee… this has to be the most fun project!

    I just so happened to buy four canvas boards to write the four words driving me this Vernal Equinox, and the fact that you are using glitter seems like so much fun!

    Thanks for sharing!



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