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Glittered Birdie

PROJECT: Glittered Bird in a Cage


Everyone has a friend or family member who likes offbeat accessories. Like a glittered bird in a cage! To make this, you’ll need:

A small bird cage

High gloss spray varnish
Hot glue

Decorate the cage with the paints and varnish. While it is drying, visit your corner dollar store and look in the ceramic area. They always have little birds there!

Take it home and paint it with acrylic craft paint, and let it dry. Use a thin liner brush to go over each painted area and add matching glitter. Continue until the entire bird is covered in glitter. Next, add accents with the #D glitter paint. Let dry and then hot glue it to the center of the cage.

For a more personalized look, add a banner to the cage that has your friend’s name!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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