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Glittered Paper Dolls


These were so much fun to make! i’m going to make a new set soon!

Paper Doll Ornament Clips
Pictures of faces that you either drew or photocopied, approx. 2” round
Thin cardboard, heavy watercolor paper
Fabric, paper, ribbon scraps
Glue stick, white craft glue
Crystals or gems
Crafty Chica glitter
Clothes pins or alligator clips
Crafty Chica Markers or paints


To make a batch of paper doll ornaments, you want each one to be about 7” long. Cut long triangles (to make the body/dress) from the cardboard. Decorate them with fabric and trim, using glue.
Apply the picture of the heads to cardboard. Cut out sets of feet and hands from cardstock. Sort the heads, bodies and limbs in piles. Before you glue, mix and match all the pieces until you create a doll you like. Glue the heads to the bodies and add the feet and hands. Embellish with glitter and gems, let dry. Hot glue the clothespin on the back and clip to your tree!
TIP: If your doll feels flimsy, glue a strip of cardboard to the back and then the clip.


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  1. Darling! I saw a great project in a craft book recently. (Something like “Wild with Glue Guns” – about craft groups, like your Chicas in the book!) They took photos of their kids wearing swimsuits and made them into paper dolls then made all sorts of paper clothes for them. How darling would THAT be glitterized?



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