Two book signings down!

What a week!

My book came out Monday and I’ve savored every day since! Thank you to everyone for sending me such nice emails of support and to those of you who came to my first two book signings. I was more nervous than an American Idol contestant! Now that these two events are over I feel like I can take a breather!

Monday morning I was a guest on the Cool2Craft web show. It really lives up to its name! There is a speaker window and crafters take turns demoing LIVE, while the viewers chat at the same time about it. It is seriously addicting.

My turn came to be “on the air” to talk about my book release, and I hadn’t set my camera correct. All of a sudden I see streams of messages in the chat room that read “I CAN’T SEE YOU!” So what do I do to remedy the situation? I accidentally crank up the ECHO volume on my mic, so now everyone is type screaming: “OUCH!” The host, Tiffany, cut me out real quick and they winged it until I calmed down and figured out my camera and mic. I did make it on the air, volume and camera in check, but I kept thinking “What a way to start the week!”

Bottom line? The show was a blast, loved it! You can see it here.

Monday afternoon, we went to Barnes & Noble Metro to longingly stare at my book on display, and I even signed all the copies they had. BTW, my novel is on the front table at all the B&N’s across the country, something I visualized for years. Every time I’d walk into a bookstore, I’d stop and stare at the “New in paperback” table and imagine seeing my book there. That was always a chunk of my motivation. I thought “I won’t see it on the table if I don’t write it, so get busy!”

And now it really happened. It’s so weird, I did the same thing with my craft supplies. I used to make my own labels for my paints and varnishes, little did I know they’d come to fruition! I am here to tell you that visualizing really does help tilt the scales in your favor. Every teeny ounce helps.
(Psst…look at the reflection in the sign. Funny!)

Anyway! You have no idea how good it felt to get notes saying “My local store had your book, it was easy to find!”
Tuesday morning I had a segment on Good Morning Arizona. The guy in the picture was one of the finalists from The Next Food Network Star, and his segment came after mine. He was on the Food Network so I figured he was a star, so I snapped his picture! Here is my segment:


Jaimee Rose from The Arizona Republic did a fun book giveaway that day too!
This is from Changing Hands. We had such a great turn out, a full seating area. One of the scariest aspects of a book signing is hoping people will come. For my craft books, I’ve had signings where a lot of people showed up, and a couple where only a family of lost crickets passed by. Thankfully, this week’s events were successful!

This is Jan, the publicity manager at Borders at the Biltmore. She made me this beautiful glass wall vase. She also made a gorgeous glittered cactus garden that my characters make in my book! That was such a great surprise, she said she made it exactly how she envisioned it in the story. I also met Lita from Borders corporate. She came all the way from Los Angeles to help with the event. She passed out mini-samples of the new orange-vanilla latte. Yummy!

About the sparkly cactus garden, Jan set it on my table next to my stack of books.

Here is a funny story about the cactus.

Even though the crowd was filled with good friends and family, my nerves still made my knees shiver. I started talking about how I really wanted to break stereotypes of Latina crafters and somehow veered into how I wanted to break stereotypes of Arizona.

“Every time they show Arizona in movies, there is always a cactus!” I complained. “In my book, I tried to show that Phoenix is cool – we have First Fridays and hip venues to hang out and there is nary a cactus in sight. I’ve lived here all my life and there is not a cactus next to me everywhere I go!” (something like that)

I stopped when I reminded myself that – duh – my characters make cactus gardens in my main plot! Ugh, I felt like such a dork! I hoped no one made the correlation.

I wrapped up the discussion and went on to signing books. However, the cactus drama returned with a prick to my already punctured ego. Everyone left, and my cousin Stephanie came up to me and said, “When you were talking about there not being a cactus next to you everywhere you go, were you kidding?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Kathy,” she whispered as she bent over to me. “There is a cactus on the table right there! Right next to you!”

Sigh. How embarrassing. Maybe people thought I was being all tongue-in-cheek about it…? Maybe? I was nervous, okay?

I love the cactus garden made and brought it home for my office. We laughed all night about that. If and when you read the book, you’ll agree with me that it is totally something Star Esteban would do!

Thanks again or everything, have a super day!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

P.S. Check out my new novel and Crafty Chica product line!

Love & light,

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