4th Annual Crafty Chica Cruise: Day Four (Part 3)

Yes, as you can see, Day Four was action-packed!

The highlight of our shopping excursion was visiting a Mexican fabric store where one could find sequins the size of grapefruits and oilcloth for a little over $2 per yard. Our only challenge? We took so long in the arts district that we only had 30 minutes to shop in the fabric store! It was like crafty supermarket sweep! Next year, I’m booking a good three hours for the fabric store alone, there were so many things to look at and shop from!

(Photo by Ann)

The peso was about 10 to a dollar – so check out the price of that oilcloth!

Now, let me tell you how this works. You go to the various departments and ask someone to cut your portion of fabric or trim. Then they write up a little ticket and give it to you.
After you gather all your tickets, you take them to the cashier, which is one booth in the center of the store. One cashier. ONE. (There were two cash registers, but when we went, only one worked)
After you pay, she hands you your tickets back and you go to another booth to pick up your goods. Imagine the flurry of emotion I triggered when I asked to buy a magazine at the last minute. They had to call over the loud speaker for a guy to come write me a ticket. But it was a cute Mexican fashion glossy, I wanted it! Meanwhile, our bus driver was hollering at us at the entrance of the store because our cruise ship was about to leave Cabo!

It all worked out! We also had a free cocktail party one of the past nights, I can’t remember which one, but it was fun. The waiters strolled in with wide trays filled with drinks in every color.

The minors had virgin rum punches with pineapples.
After dinner we had a mini-workshop making resin pendants, taught by Michele Parlee, the Artsy Gringa!

(Photo by Krissi)

Michele brought these special lamps to cure the resin.
(Krissi’s photo)

(Krissi’s photo)

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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Love & light,

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