4th Annual Crafty Chica Cruise: Day One

Here are our 32 boxes of supplies. The first day is always the most stressful. Only a few of the boxes arrived to our craft room by the time dinner started, and the rest while we were at dinner – which meant we h ad to stuff 50 totes before the first class at 8 pm. (List of tote sponsors coming soon!) At first I kinda freaked out, I’m a deadline perfectionist (ha ha! no, really I kinda am!) – but then I told myself that this was a craft cruise and the goal was to HAVE FUN. The supplies were there and we had all week to get them sorted, so I eased up.
The first thing I do after embarking is head straight for the Lido Deck for a rum punch. It goes down so smooth. It’s become a rite of passage for the Crafty Chica Cruise. This was my first one. As you can see, I took a sip before I even snapped the photo!

After I suck down the rum punch, it’s time to eat lunch. Everyone in our group arrives on the ship at different times, so we all freestyle before our first group meeting. Check this out – they ship has a FOOD MAP!

After our introductions, we go to our first dinner, where we are all seated together. It’s a good way to get to know each other. And there is gobs of good food. The menu has six different areas and you can order whatever you want from all of them. The plates are appetizer size, so it’s fun to taste everything. For me, the highlight of dinner is always dessert. I go for the Warm Chocolate Melting Cake. It is a layer of cake at the top and warm batter underneath. Even on the night that I was sick, I still went to get my dessert and took it to my cabin to eat when I felt better. It is that good!

trading cards

Here is a picture Jana took of her table. Once we get to the craft room, chaos begins! A couple crafties got a bit overwhelmed because there is so much crafty action going on combined with being on a moving ship. I think about half of the group at some point during the week had to step away from the craft room to rest and reboot. Even me. The first night after I left the room, I went to my cabin and sobbed. Not a sad sob, but just a “Oh, my gosh, we’re here!” kind of sob. More like a release of anticipation. It felt very cleansing! For me, as the organizer and leader, being on the cruise is like taking a shot of espresso.

Back to our first night – many cruisers made wonderful trading cards or small gifts to pass out with their new friends.

This is Krissi (from Skelekitty!) modeling a felt calaca pin that Lizzy made for everyone. Seriously – Lizzy made 50 of these!!!

We started the cruise with a warm up craft of Mixed Media Flowers. The cruisers used circles cut out from paper bags that were then painted and added in tulle and buttons. Special thanks to Blumenthal Lansing for donating a generous amount the colorful buttons for us to use. They came in handy for the rest of the cruise, as many crafters used them in their other projects!
Here are some beautiful flowers made by Jana and her daughter, Gillian! These are cute because you can use them as pin, on barrettes, on gift wrap, etc. Below is a bouquet I made on the cruise. I used a permanent marker to write on the button. Like that little gold skull charm? Rings & Things donated them to the cruisers!
Coming up next – Day Two and Three!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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Love & light,

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  1. Wow thanks everyone! I am so happy everyone liked them! I had so much fun making them for every special person on this art cruise! It was such a memorable event.

    Thank you Kathy for the SHOUT OUT!

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