4th Annual Crafty Chica Cruise: San Diego signing

(Me at Latte Mi Corazon in San Diego!)

What a week! We came home Thursday evening and I haven’t even unpacked yet. I’m not in any rush, piece by piece will be just fine. Okay, so I’ll start at the beginning!

On the Friday before we boarded the ship, we left Phoenix with Patrick’s mom, her cousin (she drove us), Maya, her friend Amy and in the other car was Patrick’s mom’s cousin, Dusty and her friend, Soila. They helped us transport the boxes.

Let’s talk about boxes. We had 32 in all. 1/3 of them were sent directly to San Diego in the care of Ann and Alisa. The second chunk was delivered by my friend Michele who swooped by Phoenix on her way to CA. The third chunk was cargoed by Cecilia and Dusty. Not to mention that on Friday we had one more big box delivered in San Diego.

The drive to San Diego couldn’t have been smoother. I love the trek. We always stop in El Centro, California because they have the best shop for car goodies.

Once we got into town and checked into our hotel for the night (I like to arrive a day early in case I need to buy something I forgot for the cruise), I got ready for my book signing at Latte Mi Corazon coffee shop. We had a nice crowd of about 40 people that night. I read from my novel and signed a bunch of books. We also made tile rings using Crafty Chica Mojito Papers! I’ll have a photo tutorial soon.
Tile rings craft from tonight's book signing!

They served me a yummy drink called the MexiMocha, which I downed and then wanted another!

Great turn out at tonight's event! Thanks to all who came to @lattemicorazon

Latte Mi Corazon!

I got to meet a bunch of great people, plus an online friend in the flesh – Tany Cordova of CurvyBettiesRock! She gave me the cutest coffin coin purse! I also met Elexia from Casa Artelexia, a new Mexican import shop in SD. We also had some cruisers show up to lend support, which I totally appreciated!!

More to come!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

P.S. Check out my new novel and Crafty Chica product line!

Love & light,

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  1. I’m not allowed to drink coffee when we travel. The last time I did, we had to stop every 45 minutes so I could _ _ _ . Road trips are so much fun!! 🙂

  2. Hi Kathy!! I’m so glad you made it thru all that madness!! Wow! You are like a Latina-WonderWoman when it comes to crafting and events, because you always have a smile on your beautifull face!
    I’m so glad I finally got meet you at the San Diego signing and THANK YOU for posting my Etsy shop and doing that lil video clip for me (wink wink) You so RoCk Kathy!!!!! 😀

    Your Crafty CurvyBettie friend,
    Tany Cordova

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