Did you get your GLITTER yet?

I had a nice catch-up talk with my book editor yesterday and now have enough creative fuel for the rest of the summer! Whoa, spring isn’t even over yet!

My manuscript for Miss Scarlet has been sent off to the copy editor. Funny thing, I had rewritten the first chapters last week and told my editor. Her reply? “No. It’s done!”

At first, my heart sank, but then I realized that every project has to come to an end at some point. If I could, I would rewrite certain parts of GLITTER, and so on and so on. I’m like that with my craft designs too, I keep adding and adding until Patrick comes over and say, “STOP! It’s done!”

So now what do I that Miss Scarlet is being primped and prepped for her debut? Start on book three, that’s what! My goal is to get writing by summer, so that means I need to formulate the idea, devise the characters (their goals and weaknesses), write the outline, etc…

Even though Miss Scarlet stretched me beyond my limit, I’m ready for the next round. I know even more things of what not to do!

And for those of you who want to buy Waking Up in the Land of Glitter, but haven’t yet – hurry!!! Here’s why: The first edition has that beautiful embedded glitter on the cover, spine and back cover. Once the first batch is sold out (soon) the next printings won’t have that feature. So consider them collector’s items! Buy your copy today!

I’m still looking for promotional opps to help get the word out:

– If you have a blog, podcast, radio show, Twitter or Facebook etc, would you be interested in featuring it?

– If your local bookstore doesn’t have it or is sold out, please ask for it.

– If you know of a cool indie craft boutique, ask the owner to carry it. You can email here for info: customer.service@hbgusa.com

– Mention the book to your friend, family, co-workers, or even something as easy as standing on top of your car and using a megaphone to shout out the news. This chica would so appreciate it!

Here is the link to a copy: Waking Up in the Land of Glitter!

Love & light,

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