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El Luchador Cascarones

Create your own luchador cascarones!

1 dozen eggs
2 brushes
2 cups of water
black, red, green, yellow and blue paint pens
2 steak knives
1 bag of sequins
paper towels
colored tissue paper
white craft glue

  1. Decorate an egg carton with glitter, glue and paint pens and let dry.
  2. Poke a hole on the bottom of the egg with a steak knife — just big enough to drain the egg . Be careful when poking the hole in the egg, the shell cracks easily. Always empty more eggs than you think you’ll need just in case one breaks. Dry the egg, rinse out with water, turn upside down, and then let it drip over a paper towel.
  3. Carefully insert a teaspoon of confetti inside the egg. Micro glitter will be hard to see once the egg cracks, therefore use glitter with large flakes.
  4. Using white craft glue, glue tissue paper over the hole.
  5. Draw an outline of the face with a paint pen.ith the paint pens, color inside the lines of your outlines on the shell.
  6. Carefully set the egg in the carton to dry.


  • An easy way to make your own confetti is to hole punch metallic wrapping paper.
  • Instead of paint pens, use permanent markers or a light coat of paint. If using paint, make sure it’s not too thick.

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