Every time I’m stressed, I add a new mountain of work. ¿Por qué?

Think I’m kidding?
If you’ve been reading my blog throughout the years, you may remember the time I decided to stucco and paint my entire fireplace 12 hours before the Lifetime TV camera crew was to arrive.

Or the night before the debut of my Crafty Chica product line at the national craft convention when I was supposed to make pristine samples and instead I decided to construct a multi-layered art apron from scratch (with secret pockets and a flattering waistband!).

Well, I have a new one to add to the list. Let me back up a sec.

The cruise is at the end of the week and I still have so much to get ready, plus work, chores, etc. One of the highlights is sorting all the wonderful product donations from different companies. Michaels didn’t only supply us with t-shirts for the cruisers, but also canvas aprons for them to wear during class.

A couple of nights ago, I got so excited that I thought of how fun it would be for me to tie dye the aprons! Next thing I know, the kitchen sink is filled with green dye and the washer with red dye. DeAngelo unwrapped each crisp apron from its pristine wrapper and then folded and rubberbanded them for dying.

Once I completed the dying I had to wash the aprons, right?

I did something wrong in the process because all the 54 aprons shrank. I’m talking adult apron to kid’s size. I freaked out and just about had a crafty meltdown that even gourmet milk chocolate couldn’t cure.

Why couldn’t I just leave them be in the package? Why do I always have to put my mark on anything and everything? Thank you, me, for adding a new challenge to already extended to-do list!

Anyway, Patrick calmed me down and suggested that I just to pass out the aprons and everyone would be fine with them. But I want everything to be PERFECT for the cruisers. I couldn’t wipe out the vision of them crafting while wearing a smock the size of a dinner napkin.

Fast forward to today – Easter Sunday. The holiday, the cruise, taxes, deadline to finish, pack, etc…all of it was stressing me out…

…so I sliced the aprons in half.
I dug out extra fabric from my supply bin and cut panels to insert between the two halves.

It took me hours to cut, sew, and press each of the 54 aprons. It sounds very tedious, but actually it was quite therapeutic and i’m really happy with how they turned out!

If my fingers and hands weren’t so cramped, I swear I would have added trim and an iron-on transfer to the top of each one. But I stopped myself so the cruisers can decorate their own, the way they want. Hello, it IS a craft cruise, you know?

Am I the only one who does stuff like this? What is the craziest thing you have done because of pressure or deadlines or plain, old-fashioned stress and you used crafts as a way to decompress? Please share so I don’t feel as crazy.

The holographic silver lining? The aprons are a perfect fit and size now – plus they look very colorful and happy!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

P.S. Check out my new novel and Crafty Chica product line!

Love & light,

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  1. Dear Kathy, if you don’t stress you wouldn’t be you. I only met you once at the first Chicalit conference in Miami and I still have fond memories of you and our craft project. We made a little wish box. I am sure the cruisers will have a ball. You could have passed out the “little” aprons and said it was for their kids or grandkids, but that would not have been you. The new ones look great and are one of a kind. Good luck on the cruise. Have fun. It will be a hit. –Maria

  2. I love the way so many women tend to do this type of things. Rising to the occasion & working under stress is how we are built. Nice aprons, love those colors.

  3. Loved your post. I was once very, no, extremely stressed out at work. We were have a problem with one of our projects and needed a solution. That night, something overpowered me to paint my bathroom!!! I don’t know why. Half way through painting, I realized that if I took absolutely NO action on my project, things wouldn’t be so bad! I realized taht doing nothing was the best thing I could do! it turned out to be the best decision in that situation.

  4. When I get stressed with school, I start cleaning my apartment and organizing my desk and crafts and forget my school work, lol. You are not alone. But I think they look good and on top of that they have something custom made by the Crafty Chica herself and that is way awesome!!! Everything will be great!!!

  5. Ahhh Kathy! Your made your mark on those aprons and they look great. I really think we end up with what we need. Please blog and FB from the cruise. I will really miss you if you don’t.

  6. First time here! Hilarious post. I completely and utterly empathize with you.

    I do this stuff all the time.

    Take for instance the night before my son’s last soccer game with his amazing coach. The coach was leaving for NC to take on a new position. We were sad. But I wanted to do something so special.

    Put the boys to bed and began baking soccer ball shaped cookies. Went on line to try to figure out how to paint them so they actually looked like soccer balls. (Have you ever tried to draw a soccer ball??? It wasn’t easy for me)

    I had purchased the black “paint” from the baking supply place, white frosting, paint brush, etc. All the cookies were cooled and ready to paint. What I didn’t realize was that you had to mix the black into the frosting. So I have them all “done”. Went to bed and then realized some thing wasn’t right. Got up, it’s now 3am, and did them all over again. This time mixing the black into the frosting.

    I never slept that night. The next day I was a wreck. But the funniest was when my husband came home to tell me that 20 three year olds were covered in black frosting at the soccer party.


    Have a great trip!

  7. well I am leaving for a very long trip tomorrow night and I am currently 2 hours into painting a mini mural on my tourister travel vanity box thingy, it was a very boring blue, just couldnt have that. I also have to be up at 6 and it now 1:30, the things we do in the name of craftiness

  8. I remember laughing at the comic strip “Cathy.” It showed a split screen. On one side she was at her desk at work with a sign that said “Workaholic”. In the other screen it showed her messy apartment. I think the message was “avoidance.” We do what we LOVE in order to avoid those chores we hate. EHHH,Your aprons turned out mejor anyway!!!

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