I love my teenagers, I really do…

I adore my kids. They get good grades, they’re hard workers, they have sparkling personalities and are oozing with talent and most of all, mad love. I seriously have no complaints. I wouldn’t change a thing about them!
However…say, hypothetically… I was on a game show and I had one second to blurt out what bugged me in order for me to win a million dollars for our family? Hmmm. well, if I had to say something, it would probably be….


Now that my book is done (I think) and the cruise is next week, I turned into Drill Sergeant Daisy tonight to get the house clean.

OMG. I avoided the issue the entire time while I worked on my book. Let’s just say we all broke a sweat in the past few hours from sorting and sweeping and no one cracked a smile.

As much as I love my kids, sometimes I want to…ugh, I don’t know, be guilty of Pretend Shaken Teenager Syndrome? You know, like gripping the air one-inch away from their shoulders and shaking as hard as you can?

I would like to know why do teenagers hate doing chores so much. Seriously. They prolong it as much as possible, and turn into Law and Order defense attorneys to con their way out of it. And if you don’t stay on them, they won’t complete the task, or only do it half-way before they come down with a mysterious stomach virus that will only subside with a two-hour couch potato and ice cream eating session…I’m stopping right there because my back is still sore from their piercing laser beams glares of anger.

This is a condensed version of how ONE scene went down tonight
(“A to B” is the example factor):
ME: “All I need is for you to take this small item from Point A to Point B. Thanks!”
THEM: “Um…do you mean Point A-756bz21/2? And how sharp of a “point” for B?
I don’t understand what you mean.”
At this “point,” I could have already taken said item from Point A to Point B myself, but I don’t want to do it, I want THEM to do it, that is why I asked for help. Plus, I was juggling two other cleaning projects at that moment.
ME: “Just A to B. Simple. That item. From Point A. To Point B.”
THEM:Why? Didn’t you already do A to B before? Are you sure?”
ME: “Please. Just A to B! It’s not that hard!”
THEM: “Hang on…I’ll do it in a second. Can I go eat first? I’m starving.”
That’s it, they flipped my B Switch.
ME (panting while smoke begins to puff out of my nose): “PLEASEEEE!
THEM: “Okay, gosh, calm down! You don’t have to yell.”
ME: “NOW!”
THEM: I knowwwwwww….! You already told me! I’m doing it already, gee!” (followed by eyeroll and then they take the item from Point A to Point B and the whole thing repeats again).

I bet if I had my mom read this blog post she would laugh because I probably did the same to her. In fact I know I did. But it is no fun when it comes back around! No fun!

I wonder if my teens do this to me on purpose so I won’t ask for help in the future. However, we did get a lot cleaned – everyone was mad at each other so they scrubbed harder and faster than normal. Despite losing my cool at one point, I went to bed a very proud mom.

(DeAngelo and Maya, in case you read this, I WUV you!! Thank you for your help tonight!!)


Love & light,

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  1. Oh I SO sympathize with you!! I know EXACTLY how you feel! My son was a neat FREAK! Still is at 25. My daughter, not so much! Now that she is in her own apartment .. “Take your shoes off when you come in mom!” “Put your glass in the sink mom” I laugh, leave my shoes on and put my glass on the table with NO coaster! LOL!!
    When I was a teen we were not allowed out on Saturday till ALL the chores were done and the chair with all the fancy woodwork cut outs, was dusted with a q-tip!

    Hang in there .. they will have their own place some day and you too can leave your glass with out the protection of a coaster!

    Enjoy the cruise, wish I could be there!

    Sparkle Ahoy!

  2. What good kids…it’s their ‘job’ you know to procrastinate and keep you on your toes! I did it myself, and wouldn’t expect any less from my 3 girls. we do have the same rule though, all chores done in the morning prior to fun stuff – that way we can all relax the rest of the weekend

  3. oh my goodness!!! enough to drive a well mannered, finishing school summa cum laude graduate…CRAZY!!! I think I’m headed that way with two boys when they turn teenagers. Right now they want to help with everything and are so adorable when they do but I know where I’m headed!!!

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