Two huge honors for my new novel!

1. My book was chosen as the MAY selection for the Las Comadres Book Club. There will be a teleconference on Monday night, May 24th where we’ll all discuss the book and meaning of the characters’ decisions, the plot, setting, all of that and more. 

If you would like to join in, please sign up HERE (scroll down)

This is a big deal because this book club has hundreds and hundreds of members all across the country. I’ve been a member for years and always dreamed of the day that maybe, perhaps, my book would be one of the chosen few, lol…

Even if you don’t read my book, still sign up for the book club because they have so many wonderful selections!

2. Every year the Association of American Publishers compiles a recommended reading list for Latino Book Month. Well, my chickadees — Waking Up in the Land of Glitter was chosen for the list! CLICK HERE FOR LIST

I’m honored to have my name included with the likes of the following:

Dancing with Butterflies: A Novel
Reyna Grande, Washington Square Press (October 2009)

Dancing with Butterflies uses the alternating voices of four very different women whose lives interconnect through a common passion for their Mexican heritage and a dance company called Alegría. Yesenia, who founded Alegría with her husband, Eduardo, sabotages her own efforts to remain a vital, vibrant woman when she travels back and forth across the Mexican border for cheap plastic surgery. Elena, grief stricken by the death of her only child and the end of her marriage, finds herself falling dangerously in love with one of her underage students. Elena’s sister, Adriana, wears the wounds of abandonment by a dysfunctional family and becomes unable to discern love from abuse. Soledad, the sweet-tempered illegal immigrant who designs costumes for Alegría, finds herself stuck back in Mexico, where she returns to see her dying grandmother. Award-winning novelist Reyna Grande has brought these fictional characters so convincingly to life that readers will imagine they know them.

The Madonnas of Echo Park: A Novel
Brando Skyhorse, Free Press (June 2010)

“We slipped into this country like thieves, onto the land that once was ours.” With these words, spoken by an illegal Mexican day laborer, The Madonnas of Echo Park takes us into the unseen world of Los Angeles, following the men and women who cook the meals, clean the homes, and struggle to lose their ethnic identity in the pursuit of the American dream. Like the Academy Award–winning film Crash, The Madonnas of Echo Park follows the intersections of its characters and cultures in Los Angeles. In the footsteps of Junot Díaz and Sherman Alexie, Brando Skyhorse in his debut novel gives voice to one neighborhood in Los Angeles with an astonishing— and unforgettable—lyrical power.

Try To Remember
Iris Gomez, Grand Central Publishing (May 5, 2010)
ISBN: 9780446556194
Languages Available: English (Bilingual reading group guide available)
Award-winning poet and expert in US immigration and asylum law Iris Gomez delivers a debut novel about a daughter’s attempt to sustain her family as her father battles with mental illness.

There is also a non-fiction list that includes Daisy Martinez, and a children/young adult list that includes the wonderful Belinda Acosta of Damas, Drama and Ana Ruiz!

“Throughout the month of May, booksellers, librarians, and others in the book industry are encouraged to promote reading among Latinos in their communities, and to raise awareness of the rich variety of books authored by Latinos that are available, in both English and Spanish.”


Love & light,

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