A new day!

okay, i typed a perfect blog post and thenn accidentally hit a key and erased it all.

i’m typing on my work laptop (a pc) because my imac pooped out and i have to take it to the doctor tomorrow. also, the brakes went out on our car, and our a/c died. that’s a triple header!

i wrote a heartfelt post about how tomorrow is a new day, but then my chubby pinky erased it! so oh well, i’ll just type in lowercase with my two index fingers real slowwww….

despite the setbacks, i did have a funfilled weekend. the booksigning in cave creek was eventful, and then last night we went to my sister-in-law’s for a bbq. i watched way too many movies on cable, did a bunch of landry, cleaned the house and mini-outlined what i hope will be my next novel.

in between all of those activities, i fiddled and prayed with my imac to try and revive it. no luck. even the service tech couldn’t help. please cross your fingers for me that it is fixable!!

everyone have a super monday! i’m crafting up a heck of a lot of new projects to share, sorry it has taken me so long. you were wondering what happened to the “crafty” part of chica, weren’t you? no worries, you’ll see!!

UPDATE: our mechanic just fixed our brakes! that was fast. one task at a time!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

P.S. Check out my new novel and Crafty Chica product line!

Love & light,

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