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Cupcake Scrubber Shrine – Why not?

I have a way of blending one project into another. I’m thinking about the theme of my third novel and cupcakes keep bouncing around my brain. Sacred cupcakes. After asking around, I learned a lot of chicas are into baking and decorating not only pastelitos, but also large theme cakes.

Now where did the scrubber aspect come? My friend Kim showed me a Virgin of Guadalupe shrine she made on a silver scrubber and then gave me a blank one. Something about the shiny silver lends for that glowing tinsel look that I love.

I thought it fit perfect with the cupcake theme of the kitchen, cleaning the mixing bowl, etc. This would be really cute with a ribbon for hanging. Darn, I wish I had thought of that before I took this picture!

This would be a cute gift to make for the cupcake maker in your life – a little inspiration charm for his or her kitchen!

Net-coated sponge scrubber
Crafty Chica® Iron-On Appliques™ (Cupcake)
Crafty Chica® Extreme Embellishment Glue™
Gems or sequins
Letter beads
Tulip® 3D Fashion Paint™

Directions: Glue the applique in the center. Add dots of 3D paint to add the letters along the bottom. Squeeze extra so the color will look like a background to each letter. Now one-by-one, use the glue to add the gems or sequins. Add a ribbon to the back for hanging. You can embellish even further with trims, buttons, fringe, etc.

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Tee-lined tote


5 thoughts on “Cupcake Scrubber Shrine – Why not?”

  1. I love these and want to make some for an upcoming event. Where do I find the silvery scrubbies? I did an online search and couldn’t find any! Please help!!
    Love, peace and all things shiny!
    Renee in Austin, TX

  2. Renee- I just found some at CVS in the dollar section ( 2 for a dollar scouring sponges). They are checkered silver and various bright colors. They are awesome. I will post photo when done.


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