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In Waking Up in the Land of Glitter, Ofie went a bit overboard with her obsession of crafting, even going so far to shop for art supplies instead of family groceries. Have you ever reached a point in your life when you felt your hobby or was out of control? If so, what was the “wake-up” call? If not, how do you stay on track? And most of all, why do you think so many crafters and artists become obessive?

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  1. I think you need to keep your art purchases in the order of importance to all the other things that need to be purchased. They come after the bills are paid.

    The reason this becomes so obsessive is because it is so much fun and we just want more and more.

  2. I knew I had a bit of a craft problem (more specifically a yarn problem) when my boyfriend found part of my yarn stash tucked in the back of a cabinet in the kitchen. There was also some in the entertainment center as well as a few normal places like the closet and my craft room (which used to be the dining room). I started feeling bad about the amount of yarn I had so I hid it in odd places…like the kitchen. That way I didn’t feel bad about buying more yarn. 😛

  3. Crafters, like myself, get excited and live “in the Moment”! We just can’t help ourselves when we learn a new technique or enjoy where the crafting takes us :)I get out of control in my art each and everyday!

  4. What a great question, Kathy. After many years of supressing my creative passion to become a published writer, I have decided to follow my path. I want my kids to see that their mom had dreams, too, and followed them. I have made such tremendous progress these past 10 months. I have learned a lot, such as writers should always keep reading. Therefore, with a family to feed and care for I often feel guilty running to the bookstore so often to pick-up the next novel on my reading list (especially in the uncertain economic state we face in CA). The local libraries don’t always carry the Latino/a authors that I read. Plus, knowing the creative love poured into writing, I like giving a little support to fellow Latino/a writers by purchasing their books!
    To help, I have joined bookstore discount clubs and as a frequent buyer, I am starting to acquire some great deals! 😉

  5. It seems like the times when I’m not really selling much (making much money) are the times when I buy the most supplies! I think sometimes we become obsessed with our craft/hobby because for so many people it means sanity and some sense of control or normalcy. Crafting is so much more than just a hobby!

  6. We become obsessive when we look at the raw material all we can see are the possibilities of what the items we buy can become. I have definitely gone overboard in my YARN purchases and did it again this weekend! I would rather have YARN than groceries. I’d rather spend my last amount of $$$ on a good YARN sale and eat spaghetti or meatloaf for the rest of the week. We think we NEED new materials to keep the creative juices flowing, which is probably only partially true. I think we crafters take enjoyment from the whole selection process too!

  7. I can’t lie, I’ve done things to get my art supplies that normal people would not do. I’ll drive waaaay out of my way when I’m looking for supplies. I’ll spend money, that is slated for other things, for my art supplies- not groceries, haven’t been down that road yet. I will go to thrift shops looking for supplies (I guess this one is not a bad one).

  8. I decided to incorporate my love of crafting into something that would provide income as I stepped away from the corporate world. I collected every new gadget and bought “stock” and unusal things every time we took a vacation or day trip. I had bins and bins of things and then the day, I had the opportunity to have a studio all to my self I was ready. This collection took about 6 years of planing and saving. And I did give up funds for new clothes, or evenings out. But never did it interfere with groceries or household expenses. I am still using some of the items I stored, and yes, I still am on the prowl for “something different”, that I can make into “something different”!

  9. The number of amazing products and projects these days are so alluring! I am not into all crafts, some I love are painting, scrapbooking and some general arts/crafts but don’t have much time for any of them. I have bought supplies and not used yet (eg:scrapbooking stuff)but I do plan on using them. The store coupons/emails can tempt you too. But I always keep a limit of under $10 for a trip to craft store. If I feel that I haven’t used the last craft item I bought, I will not buy something else as a “consequence” to myself (unless it’s a fabulous “can’t live without” item on a sale. Looking at supplies in bins is a wake up call!

  10. When I worked at Michaels Arts and Crafts, I was terrible about going overboard with my supply shopping! Everytime a new item came in, I had to have it no matter what it was! Changing jobs really seemed to help me curb my spending. I think when you are surrounded by what you love, it is easy to become obsessed.

  11. I’ve been able to rein it in a bit more in the last few months, but oh boy did I have a problem with buying yarn. Like, I have gigantic plastic tubs of it in every room of the house, bags full on my nightstand (not even opened since I came home from the store! Yeesh!) and no organization AT ALL to it. I’m lucky my husband is fooled by my womanly charms, because he clearly hasn’t noticed the piles of yarn in every corner of our teeny-tiny house. When he does I’m in big trouble.

  12. I have indeed spent money I shouldn’t have on craft supplies! Running out of money at the end of the month, more than once!, was my wake up call.

    I think we all do that because we read tutorials, see others’ work and take classes. We see the artist using something we don’t have, and think we have to have that supply to create something as cool as they created. In the end, we all learn that it’s not the supplies but the doing something that gets us more confident.

  13. Well, it is all about the PASSION to create beautiful things!! I do love my crafty items!! but I remember when I was buying so many rubber stamps from my friend Sue, who would ask me if I had bought my family groceries, and I had been using that money for stamps….had to taper off on spending because it was becoming an obsession….

  14. I have often spent money I didn’t have on crafting suppiles. My wake-up call comes almost every time I enter my scrapping room and I am overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” that I have. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed by the sheer amount that it takes away my desire to scrap! I am now on a mission to not only curb my spending by “shopping my stash”, but also to give away a lot of the stuff I can’t/won’t use to a good cause.

  15. i’m only 19 years old, don’t have a job yet, and live at home. so, it’s not hard to keep my time well dispersed and stay on track. i love crafting and i do it ALL THE TIME! but i’ll make a little something for my sister here, and my other sister there so they know i haven’t forgot about them (i just got a little distracted in the process, haha). artists/crafters become obsessive because it’s their passion, their love. they’re dedicated to their craft (pun intended!). it’s hard to juggle family life and a “thing” you love. i hope i will be able to do so when i am older and i have a family.

  16. I used to go way overboard in the craft spending department. I think when Joanns was one of the top spending categories in our banking software I figured out it was time to cut way back.
    Now I only buy something if I have a specific use for it.
    (One good thing about my previous spending is that I have a HUGE stash to pull from so I have most supplies on hand!)

  17. I have been trying to find an apartment, and last week saw the most adorable, bamboo-floored, trellis-over-the-patio guesthouse… And I won’t fit. Not with the spinning wheel, the sewing machine, the easel, and the yarn stash. Oh, the plastic bins of yarn alone wouldn’t fit. I briefly considered stacking them up to form a couch in the hopes that I could fit, but no. My craftiness has been on hold for nearly a year while I am between domiciles–I was faced with leaving it in storage and moving in to the cute cubby, or keeping up the often demoralizing search for a better place. Crafts won.

  18. I have been more creative then ever lately. But as I started crafting and creating art I loved the supplies. But here is the answer: I quit smoking. I would have money and had to decide which was more important. Art won. “When art wins, life’s rules make more sense.” The obsessive part was easy too: I started noticing that many products were limited runs. Some were not restocked and once they were gone, new stuff would come in and I could never find it again. So now, I buy lots of one thing I love most. Problem of course being that those things I love are more than one thing and I am running out of room, lol.

  19. I definitely have a fabric problem, I keep falling in love with all the different colors and patterns. It is terrible, I step into a fabric store and my pulse quickens, I get overwhelmed with ideas. No, I am not under control…

  20. Unfortunately it doesn’t take much for me to fall head over heels with a new craft project. I tend to go out and buy every possible tool and material I could need.

    When we were pregnant with our first child, I realized that I had an issue with overspending and getting obsessed with my crafting.

    Now I *ONLY* buy with cash and haven’t used a credit card in 2 years. I’m very proud of this.

    I no longer feel guilt over my purchases, which really only adds to my (and my husband’s) happiness!

  21. I have not reached that point with crafts yet, but my husband would definitely say I am there with make-up and bath products. I just have an addictive personality and like collecting things. I do make sure, though, that I don’t overspend.

  22. I knew I was out of control when my craft table/area was full, so I made another craft table/area in my dau’s room, and them added more shelves in my laundry room and now I have spilled over into my studio/storage bungalow that I only used to work, not store art supplies.

  23. …felt your hobby was out of control? Yes, my hobbies are out of control! If so, what was the “wake-up” call? I wake up every morning amidst drawers, bins, and stacks of paper and craft stash. If not, how do you stay on track? I’m trying to focus on using my stash & not buying more stuff (unsuccessfully, I confess, since I couldn’t resist new scrap album kits online – sigh). And most of all, why do you think so many crafters and artists become obessive? We obsess on new medium, technique, color, etc that we just have to try! The cure is to get it and make it.

  24. Hi. My name is Brenda. I am an addict. Bead addict that is. I first realized it was a problem when I was hiding my purchases in my green re-usable grocery bag so hubby wouldn’t see my Michael’s bags. I would come back from a bead show with one small bag, wait for hubby to go to bed then bring in the rest of the stash. I think this addiction comes from inspiration that I get from books, magazines,the web,etsy,etc. I am weak, I don’t think I can kick this addiction as long as people keep coming up with good books, products,and the web. So let me just say again, Hi. My name is Brenda and I am an addict.

  25. Yes- I have overdone it. Online friends recommend something & then there is a buying frenzy with me included! I read about all the recycle crafting & I have a basement full of *getroundtoit* project surfaces.
    I see s scrap page I like & have to have same supplies so I can scraplift it one days. Sales are my weakness!!
    This year I have cut way back on my buying though, I will never use all the stuff I have now. But I will still never use all the crafty things I have! LOL

  26. TRUE CONFESSIONS: My name is Paula Clare…and I’m a DABBLER. I tend to create ALL KINDS of art from ALL KINDS of mediums. Therefore, I’m ALWAYS shopping for SOMETHING…to alter. Anything is fair game, furniture, books, paper, cards, jewelery, etc. And IF, per chance, I run out of THINGS to alter, I can always switch over to ROOMS. Currently my kitchen is undergoing a red/aqua alteration. IT’s ALL fair game! No wonder my cup (and cabinets and drawers) runneth over!

  27. Hello,
    I know i have to many craft supplies and not enough storage. My kitchen table looks overflowing with crafts. I do love most all crafts but my favorites right now seem to be painting, polymer clay, jewelry making and then stamping is real fun too. They all seem to go hand in hand. Thank you

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