Giveaway Day 3:

What is your interpretation of the phrase “waking up in the land of glitter?” When was a time that you felt you woke up in the land of glitter? Bonus points if you can relate your answer back to the characters in the book!

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  1. I suppose I’ve felt like Iwas waking up in the land of glitter at Christmas time. I love all the sparkle and shine of Xmas ornaments and crafts. Also, having worked at Michaels Arts and Crafts, I was always covered in glitter from Oct. thru Dec.

  2. Before Isa was born, there was many nights I stayed up till morning working on wedding invitations (my old business).

    It was a standing joke between my hubby and I that when either of us had glitter in our hair the next morning (thanks to the invites) that we had been out partying with strippers..

    Not sure why we connected strippers with glitter.. That would make me one sultry crafter 😛

  3. I felt like I woke up in the land of glitter on the last Crafty Chica Cruise! I’ve never worked that extensively with glitter, but sure did on our projects. For the last 3 days, I woke up with glitter in my hair, on my skin, in my sheets and pillow, on my clothes, and all this even after I’d take a shower! I felt like a fairy!

  4. Hello, Guess my most glittery time would be when the grandkids are over and we are making something for the parents. It could be a birthday, holiday or just for fun we make things. The grandkids are from 1 to 17 years old and they all love to craft….’Thank you

  5. My waking up in the land of glitter would be when I was in art school and getting married. Finishing the semester with all the realization of who I was, all the growing through the projects. Finally, recognizing that not only did I have a man I truly loved, he truly loved me and my beautiful boys. He supported my journey through art school and in turn helped me find a better me. Being surrounded by art and love, that is my land of glitter! I think there is some similarity to Star in that, although I am a much older version!

  6. Before my husband and were no more than “a couple” I went with him to clean out a rented storeroom. i was helping him pull out tubs and I was amazed to find a shoebox size box filled to the max with quart size baggies filled with glitter. I asked if I could have it. The answer was yes. It was not until later that I found out he was a crafteeman, he had bought tons of glitter to cover computer parts in hopes of making Christmas ornaments to sell at a flea market. ( He did not sell a one). He still has those glittery floppy disks and mouses, now he hangs them from his classroom ceiling every year at Christmas time. We call it the Datman’s Disco! This was just one more thing that made this man was incredibly special, and I guess that is when I woke up in LOVE the land of glitter!

  7. I live in the land of glitter. A moment does not go by that my skin is not sparkling and the table looks like a twinkling star. But it’s not just the glitter for crafting. Waking up where you feel invincible and alive and happy and enjoying life is a total “glittery” moment.

  8. Great question!!! 2 moments of many come to mind. One being the second they put my daughter on my chest after a difficult labor….she was glowy like a glittery old soul. The second being the first time I ever sold a piece of art…what a rush! I was still on a cosmic high the next day and noticed my desk covered in a spilled container of glitter…I was still so happy it didn’t bother me!

  9. See, I’m more like Star in the book – I’m a “less is more” kinda gal when it comes to glitter. But recently, I took a class where we were challenged to use all those art supplies that we never use. So, I broke out some of my glitter. And once I saw how shimmery and delicate and all-together-lovely it was, now I can’t stop using it. It’s expressing that feminine and fun side that I never express. And now that my work-table has delicate flakes of the stuff all over it, I’m finding it in my hair, on my hands, in my clothes – and it makes me so happy to see it. So, to me, that’s what Waking Up in the Land of Glitter means to me – it’s very literally being happy to find glitter everywhere.

    Seriously, do you think that sales of German Glass glitter have gone up since your book came out? *giggle* I know I sure started stalking websites that carry it.

  10. Waking up in the land of glitter to me means living in total craft abandon! And sometimes having to figure out what to do with ALL THAT GLITTER.

    I had a moment like Star’s once while ordering craft supplies that reminded me of Waking up in the Land of Glitter. I had purchased guitar picks online to use as a fringe for a purse I was making. I picked out 2 colors, black marble and blue marble, and purchased what I thought was 10 of each color. A couple weeks later, I opened my door to sign for two large envelopes. “What the heck did I order?” I thought to myself. I tore opened the package without much care, and before I knew it 500 black marbled guitar picks were scattered around my living room floor. Oh no! What did I do?

    Turns out, when I purchased my picks, I didn’t buy 20 picks, I bought 500 of EACH!

    I made my purse fringe, and though it looked great and turned out exactly how I hoped, I’m still waiting for my genius moment – my guitar-picked cactus centerpiece, if you will – so that I can use up the rest of my 1000 guitar picks. Someday!

    ~Megan LaCore

  11. Right now at this minute is my “Waking Up In The Land of Glitter” moment. For me, I am working feverishly on a scrapbook of all the grandkids for my dad. I love paper, punches, and my Cricut, and collect a lot of supplies, but now I need to put it all to use and make this scrapbook. I feel like I am going to be an “Olfie”. I spend all this money on distress inks, paints, embelishments, but what if this scrapbook isn’t cute? Everyone will think I am just a craft hoarder who needs a new hobbie! My name is Michelle, and I am an “Olfie”. Thank you for writing her by the way…I can relate to her the most!

  12. Anytime I craft no matter what, I feel like I wake up in the land of glitter becauuse I just HAVE to use glitter. I’ a new crafter and not necessarily neat about it, so everyone knows when I’ve been busy working on something crafty because I just can’t seem to get the glitter off…its on my face, my fingers, my clothes, my hair. Honestly though, I love it, I just love anything sparkly and it makes me smile although everyone at the house just shakes their head because my boyfriend doesn’t necessarily want to wake up with glitter on his face and answer to all his friends on why he’s sparkling:)

    Thanks for the fun drawing.

  13. I feel like I wake up in the land of glitter every morning with my son. He hovers over me with this huge smile and says, “wake up Mami”… love it!

  14. My moment of waking up in the land of glitter was when I went to the store and the clerk looked at me and said “boy you are all glittery today”. Didn’t realize that I had glitter all over my hair and face……..oh well…….it was worth it.

  15. For me “waking up in the land of glitter” is passion, creativity and love…all of which I am searching for. I think we all wake up in the land of glitter everyday…only some of us just don’t always see it! I think I can relate to Star and Ofie in a sort of combined personality…rooms filled with craft supplies and a yearning to work on it all the time while living in the procrastination center of the universe!
    You are an incredible inspiration Kathy…thank you so much for your first novel…I loved it! Did not want it to end!

  16. The first thing that comes to mind is: I was living in an apartment on the island of Oahu. I had two little ones at the time. I was making Christmas decorations and had left all my supplies sitting on the dining room table. When I woke up my three year old daughter had decorated her babydolls face with glitter and sequins. It was a shiny colorful creepy looking masterpiece. I cleaned up glitter for the next six months. A few days later when I got my period I went into the box of pads and on top was a beautifully decorated kotex pad. 🙂

  17. for me, waking up in a land of glitter is realizingso many of the things around me are made by me. it’s everday. i wake up, look around and see things i’ve made that no one else has, they’re one of a kind! and i remeber the time i spent making it and how happy i was when i finished.

    also, though, waking up in a land of glitter is walking into a craft store. i just get slapped in the face with all the amazing products and future projects. i live in a small town and we only have a very, very small craft shop. so, whenever i do walk into a huge craft store…it puts a equallt huge (if not bigger) smile on my face 😀

  18. I feel that I wake up in a a Land of Glitter everyday. Crafting…you get into every area. This week I love scrapbooks, a month ago I was into crocheting, tomorrow it is multi media. ahhh!

  19. “Waking up in the Land of Glitter” is the image I recall of looking out my front window, seeing the desert twinkling after a rainstorm. The palo verde trees catch the glitters of sunlight and the world seems so magical. the inspiration of that moment is the beauty of nature and the feeling of all things possible!

  20. I am the character buying every color of the glitter rainbow: glitterpaper, glitterbrads, glitter fine and glass, but using them less than more. A little bling here and there rather than glitter everywhere. My personal challenge is the learn to GLITTER my world.

  21. Waking up in the land of glitter, what a lovely phrase!

    I guess, when I’m in my little 10×10 “studio” room, with the sun hitting the window crystals just right, and the hanging radiometer spinning, and I’m playing with, err, sorting beads for some project and I know exactly what I want to do. It all comes together in colors and shine and sparkles, and I’m happy.

  22. Is it good or bad that I never found myself waking up in the land of glitter? Although if I ever did, I would like it to be like Star’s awakening – find out that she can do some awesome stuff with glitter (not finding out that she had ordered way too much).

  23. I felt like I was “waking up in the land of glitter” on the days my children were born. They were born around the holidays which made the season shine even brighter! They are the moments that I will never forget and will forever treasure!
    I think they held a similar sparkle to the morning of the Craft Olympics when Nana Chata put her hand on Ofie’s head and told her she was proud of her. Ofie described it as feeling “birthday-party happy”! Everyone feels especially bold, glittery, and LOVED on their birthday!

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