Graffiti Painter’s Cap

Life is too short to wear a plain denim cap. It’s time to bling one out with paints, stencils and, hello? GLITTER!

Materials List
26562 Grape
26563 Christmas Red
26565 Emerald
25693 Bollywood Blue
25696 Goddess Gold
Rockabilly Ruby
Foil or paint palette
Scratch paper
Wedge makeup sponges
Plastic tablecloth
Paper towel roll
Denim painter’s cap
Cover work surface with a plastic tablecloth.
Place the hat on a standing roll of paper towels for support. Spray Grape Fabric Spray Paint on the top of hat, Emerald around the crown of hat and Christmas Red on the brim. Let dry.
Use desired colors of Fabric Markers to draw swirls all over cap.
Place Crowned Heart stencil on center front of cap. Squeeze a puddle of white paint onto foil or palette. Tap flat end of makeup sponge into paint and dab into stencil openings. Remove stencil and place on another area of cap. Repeat process in random spots around cap, using white or other paint colors if desired. Let dry.
Place LOVE stencil from Love & Peace Pack on side of cap and color in with desired color of Fabric Marker.
Referring to photo, paint in heart on front of cap with red, yellow and blue paints as shown. Let dry then working with one section of heart at a time, brush a coat of Extreme Embellishment Glue on section and immediately sprinkle with corresponding color of glitter. Shake off excess glitter onto a piece of scratch paper and return to container for reuse.
Brush glue around outlines of other design elements and sprinkle with Goddess Gold glitter or other colors as desired. Let dry.
Use Fashion Art Tweezers to place crystals around brim of hat as shown. Set in place using Cordless Heat-Setting Tool, following instructions on package.
Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂
Love & light,

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