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Eyeglass Holder Necklace

Is your mom always looking for her eyeglasses? Keeping them around her neck is the easiest way to keep them safe, but those double loop eyeglass chains are so last decade. It’s time to upgrade the idea.

I saw some of these eyeglass holder necklaces at the bookstore recently and knew it was exactly what I wanted to make for my mom for Mother’s Day. Sure you can buy one, but it’s much more fun to spend a relaxing night in front of the TV set beading, don’t you think?

(Wear the necklace and hang the eyeglasses from the ring)

This is one of my “halfway handmade” ideas. I only made half of this necklace – the tiny beaded strands. The faux pearls came in two strands and I simply unhooked them and connected them to portions I made.

You’ll need:
.018 bead string wire
#1 size crimp beads
a crimp tool
large ring
charm (optional)
pre-connected strand of beads (optional)

Using matching, yet contrasting beads, string portions (about 4″ each)and close the ends off with a crimp bead and jump ring. NEWBIES: Watch this little video to see how to attach crimp bead and start beading. Instead of a clasp, add a small jump ring. Keep going until you like the length.

Easier way: Make half the amount of stands and fill in with pre-connected beads like I did!

eyeglassnecklace-feature eyeglas

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