Shoe Shrines

I haven’t made a shoe shrine in years, since I worked on my Making Shadow Boxes and Shrines book in 2002. Shoes, glue and tiny knick knacks by the bagful have invaded my mind lately, especially after seeing Melanie Hill Guion’s amazing shoe shrine artwork. (Seriously, check out her web site, her work is brilliant!)

Recently while at iLoveToCreate, the designers had just taken down this display of glittered heels. Just the motivation I needed!
(Click here for directions to make your own)

Hello? Don’t you think these are screaming to be transformed into shrines? I did. So I practically got down on one knee and begged to please have one or two of these twinkle toes so I could make my shoe shrines! After a month of staring at them on my shelf, I took a deep breath and began the layered process. It took hours, but I consider the project a personal success. I feel in harmony with the universe at last.

Sorry that I only posted one picture. It is late at night, everyone is in bed and I can’t get the dang camera to work. So iPhone it is! I’ll post better pictures and directions soon. I was super excited and wanted to post something NOW. It the inner second grader in me screaming: “Look what I made!”

I think shoe shrines can be a great way to share a story or message in an artful way. Think of the places and situations our shoes have stepped into. ooh, if they could talk! right?

You could use a pair that you’ve outgrown, or maybe just the concept of a type of shoe – then you can look for it at a thrift store. I won’t go into too much DIY stuff right now, I’ll save it for the tutorial. In the meantime, go find a shoe and prep it with paint, glue, glitter and let it dry.

I also made some other wild stuff this week that will make you chuckle. I’ll post those soon too!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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Love & light,

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  1. Hey there from Soggy sad Nashville. Melanie Hill Gioun lives two doors down from me and bought her house from my mom. She does some amazing work and you should see her barn! talk about a shrine. Hope to see you again soon!

  2. OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH! I wish I would have done this! I had a beautiful pair of shoes that I loved but one day the strap broke so I threw them out! This would have been a perfect idea for one! But, now I know what to do next time I ruin a pair of shoes I love! I am going to try this!!!

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