Sunshiny Day Parasol

Summer is here, which means lots of sunshine and outdoor activities! Transportable shade will come in handy, and this colorful parasol does the trick. Use Crafty Chica® products to add some color to your sunshiny day!
Materials List
Nylon parasol
Foil or paint palette
Ribbons – desired colors and textures
Sequin trim – gold or desired color
Open the parasol and use a pencil to sketch flower design. To make it easier, use the parasol sections as guidelines for flower pedals.
Squeeze paints onto foil or palette as needed. Paint the flower with alternating petals of green and purple. Trim the flower with white paint, then add a section of yellow and finish with red. Refer to photo.
Add hearts, dots, stripes and other accents to painted sections in contrasting colors. Refer to photo. Let dry.
Use the black marker to write, “It’s a sunshiny kind of day” all along the red section. Refer to photo.
Paint handle with stripes, polka dots or other desired designs. Let dry.
Glue sequin trim around top of parasol with Original Tacky Glue. Let dry.
Create a loop of ribbons and add charms. Tack onto handle with hammer and nail.
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  1. Nice project! I am new to your website/blog and I love your projects and your humorous sense of style in writing. Please tell me if I should just buy a solid colored parasol and work on it or I should buy a white one? Would love to do this on a large beach umbrella but don’t know where to get a nylon/solid one for that, they are all colorful already? Oh, and will paints stay if the parasols get wet?Thanks so much if you have time to answer :))

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