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Tee-lined tote

This is a light sewing project that is very easy. This is for when you find a really cool t-shirt at the store but they don’t have your size. Buy it anyway and turn it into a Tee-lined tote that you can use every day and I can guarantee someone is going to ask you where you bought it. You’ll be so proud to say, “I made it using my favorite t-shirt.” I can already think of so many shirts that I could use.

t-shirts for the DIY tshirt bag. craftychica #diy #

Di you have a collection of t-shirts that no longer fit but you simply just can’t get rid of them? This is a great idea to keep them around. Or you could use them to make a blanket as well. Or even an apron! Check out this fun DIY.

How to make a t-shirt apron.
Crafty Chica shares how to turn a T-shirt into an apron!

Pretty awesome right?! We can really do so much with t-shirts. Let’s get to making this awesome tee-lined tote bag.


1 blank canvas tote
1 fabric that measures the area of one side of the tote
graphic design from tee cut out
Crafty Chica® Extreme Embellishment Glue™
Crafty Chica® Chunky Glitters™


1. Iron on the interfacing to the back of the tee design and then sew to the center of the fabric.
2. Turn the fabric over and use a brush to add an even coat of Crafty Chica® Extreme Embellishment Glue™ from edge to edge.
3. Apply the fabric to the tote. Smooth down with your hands. Let dry.
4. Coat areas of the tee with Crafty Chica® Extreme Embellishment Glue™ and pour on Crafty Chica® Chunky Glitters.

This is just a basic idea, but you can do more by making a fabric collage or mosaic on the fabric.

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Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂
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5 thoughts on “Tee-lined tote”

  1. Cathy, This is just great. HOW many times have I had to walk away from a tee shirt I just loved because there wasn’t one in my size???? Now I have the solution! thanks for all your energy and inspiration.

  2. Kathy I love this. I saw it in your book and I started keeping t-shirts that Chris doesnt wear anymore specifically for this reason. This and for the blanket that you also have in your book. Thanks for posting this cause I totally forgot I had them stashed away. I’m gonna work on this project next.


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