7 Tips for your Facebook brand page

If you are an indie business owner and are active with social media, I know you’ve come across the “should I have a fan page” question. Once you set up a fan page, then you think – “okay, what should I put there?”

I’ve kinda figured out what works for me, so I decided to share.

Both types of pages are meant for everyone to have fun, become enlightened, laugh, think and learn! I really enjoy Facebook, I’ve met so many amazing people that have become dear friends. This isn’t a sure-fire method for everyone, but feel free to pick out what you want. I’m very grateful for anyone who takes an interest in what I do, and I want to make sure I’m giving them what they want. This is a part of that process.

Here are some ideas to make the most of your experience.

1. If you have an indie business/brand – YES, start a business page. Do you really want your business/blog readers/customers to know the knitty gritty of what you are thinking and saying to your friends and family? Do those customers want to know? A lot of times, no. Maybe they just want to know about your jewelry offerings. Also, if you run your profile page as your business, you will eventually hit the 5,000 friend limit and have to start all over. To avoid that, get that page rolling now!

2. Two kinds of parties goin’ on here. Think of your profile page as a party in your own home. You want to see who is coming, what they are saying, what kind of appetizers they like. For your fan page, think of that as a big bash themed around your business that is open to the general public. It’s a place to celebrate your brand, share content from your colleagues, engage with people who appreciate your work, and give an insight to what your inspirations are to keep your business going. Your page will likely be more focused on what your business is. Encourage your family and friends to like your page to see what you do as a business. Post different content on each.

3. Be a pleasant hostess and guide your friend requests to the right place. Once I got my business page rolling, I decided to keep my profile page to those I know in real life, close friends from online, industry colleagues, family, school friends – and people who took time to write a personal note in their friend request. This way I know they aren’t just adding me to raise their own numbers – there are a lot of strangers out there who will do that! I used to recieve many requests from businesses. Now…unless I’m friends with the business owner, I don’t really want them to see my profile page content because I have no idea who they are or why they want to friend me. Therefore I send them a reply to please join me on my other page. I also have my settings where no one can post on my page but me, and I review any picture or post that has tagged me.

4. Engage! You want your page visitors to feel like you are hanging out and chatting with them. Don’t act like a robot. Have fun and ask questions, tell a funny story. Write your posts so people will feel excited to respond. The more people respond the most your post will be shown. If they leave you a comment, do your best to answer right away. Check your page frequently and respond. Be personable!

5. Go easy on the duplicate postings between your brand and profile page. Save these for important announcements. Many of your fans are likely your friends on your profile page. If you double post everything, it clogs up the feed and can get annoying and you could lose them at both of your parties! What you can do is post on your brand page, then share it to your profile page.

6. Think of your fan page as your own mini-magazine. Sure, you want to promote your blog, but you also want to share what inspires you. You want to post good, juicy content to keep people interested and loyal. Pretend you are an editor. Choose your favorite links and stories and share them, maybe adding your own twist on the content. Make sure to tag other content creators and give credit to all photos that you post.

7. Mix it up and make your page exclusive. For your brand page, add in video clips, contests, lots of photos, shout outs to your favorite artists, bloggers, influencers, or books. Do things that will make your community members feel like they are in an exclusive club! Don’t forget to list all your sites, your mission statement, your contact information, etc.

8. Make use of VIDEO! People love video and so does the Facebook algorithm! You can upload a video direct, or do a live broadcast, just make sure to have it incorporated on your page.

9. Check your insights. Take time to see what is working on your page, the more engagement means people are interested in that topic. That’s a great sign for you to deliver more of that!

10. Try ads. Spend a few dollars to boost a post to give it legs! There are a lot of tutorials out there to guide you.

What I LOVE about brand/business pages is that everyone is connected by a common interest. I feel like I can post all day about glitter on my CraftyChica.com page and no one will think I’m weird. They expect glitter talk. However, if post all day about glitter on my profile page, I’ll likely get an email from my sister saying “Cool it on the glitter, you’re freaking me out!”

Love & light,

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  1. Love this! Social media is fascinating stuff. I’m learning every day. I just wish I had a team of people to keep up with the posts and the links and the contests!


  2. Hi Kathy,
    I met you a few months ago in Anaheim at the CHA Craft show. I told you about how inspired I was with your earlier Wishing tree post, and that I began a Wishing tree in my own yard:) anyhoo… I’ve also been questioning my FB “fan”/”like” page. THANK YOU again for your insight and thoughtful sharing about yet another topic you’ve helped me gain more insight to myself! You’re Great. :)Peace! Bridgette

  3. Wow! Thanks, Kathy ! I have a fan page ’cause that’s what all the
    ‘experts’ said to do, but I never really knew what to do with it! Your ideas are brilliant!

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