Glasswork, an artful bootie, and swimming.

(My workshop instructor’s gorgeous glasswork jewelry!)

Tonight is my last night in Fresno and I capped off the week of craftyness with a glass fusing class at the Duncan Ceramics Hobby Shop. Artist and teacher, Vickie Recchia, made these beautiful samples in the picture above. It’s called Fused Glass Pendants with Dichroic Glass. Here is the link to her site in case you live in the area and want to take a class!
 Here is what I did (below). First we chose our background base glass and then sifted through trays of dichroic shards to add the design on top. We cleaned the pieces and added a dot of Aleene’s® Clear Gel Tacky Glue™ to set them on the base glass.
Vickie is going to add a piece of clear glass on the top of my designs to give it a cool “under glass” look before she fires them. I made two necklace pendants and one ring. I can hardly wait to get them back to see how they came out!
Vickie gave us a lot of details about the different types of glasses that can be used and tips on what to ask artists when you buy fused glass art. There are certain glasses that work well together and some that don’t. The latter can shatter when you least expect it.
I’m sorry I don’t have more specifics at the moment.My brain is fried tonight because I had a very busy week, but I’ll do a Q&A with her about it her soon!

(my pre-fired pendants)
Okay, I have a funny story to tell you!

All week I’ve been busy at the iLoveToCreate working on models and show pieces for the upcoming CHA show. The biggest project is a mannequin to display an outfit I made. Since today was my last day, I was hustling to finish all my loose ends. At one point I plopped down the bottom half to my art mannequin on top of the fabric cutting table.
After work, there was a pillow making class for staffers. One of my co-workers brought her little son. There I was working away, hunched over at my desk, next to the sewing area, deep in concentration gluing crystals to a dress at my desk when I heard a child’s voice say, “Ewww, what’s this??”
“Eee gads,” I thought. I swallowed. I did not dare raise my head. I knew what he was talking about.


No one answered so he asked again. “What is this? What’s it for? Why is all this stuff glued on it?”

Pattie, the workshop teacher, politely replied, “Uh, that’s…art…”
“Huh?” he said, now more confused than before.
“Kathy,” Pattie said. “Want to explain?”
I lifted my head just enough to see this cute little boy slapping his hands on the butts cheeks of the mannequin, as if they were bongos. “No, that’s okay!” I said, lowering my face back into my project. 
Thankfully, Pattie led him away from the fabric cutting table to the other side of the room.
OMG, I was soooooo embarrassed. I can just hear him asking on the drive home – “Mommy, why did that lady at your work have that weird naked body there?” Ahhh, I’ll sure miss this place when I go back to Phoenix tomorrow!

Other things from this week (aside from the $100 bonus, mil gracias, Larry!), I’ve been swimming in the hotel pool every day and am super proud because I’ve been eating healthy at every meal. It’s only been four days, but I already feel different – better! My daughter, Maya, warned me tonight that they have not been eating healthy at home. I’m determined to keep it up!
This weekend, I’m signing up for the gym so I can swim every day, and as soon as I can, I’m going to the grocery shopping for decent meals to cook. My diet/healthy lifestyle warriors angels are in da house, and I have to do everything in my power to entice them to stay! 
Love & light,

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  1. I hope you post photographs of the finished fused glass. I took a class last year and loved it.
    Congratulations on the swimming. You sound so upbeat and motivated.
    You will win.

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