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The Runaways/Sex Pistols Stenciled Tee

(Maya models a shirt I made that was inspired by a shirt that Joan Jett made in the movie, The Runaways)

Female rockers in the ’70s and ’80s were few and far between. The ones that were around have become iconic – Joan Jett is a perfect example. Known for her lip growl, black leather jacket and gritty attitude, she fronted the all-girl rock band in the ’70s, The Runaways. The story of the band was recently made into a feature film starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning. The band fizzled, but Joan Jett went on to a successful solo career, and still rocks the house to this day.

Growing up in the ’80s, I love me some Joan Jett. Imagine my excitement when I watched the movie to find a crafty scene! Back then, Joan used spray paint and cardboard to make a stenciled Sex Pistols tee. Now we have the luxury of Tulip Fabric Spray that dries soft and pliable, whereas spray paint dries hard and will flake away over time.

As far as the stencil, I channeled my inner punk queen and freestyled block letters on watercolor paper and cut them out. Instead of black on white, I used purple and teal. I had to make it my own, you know! I loved how it turned out, but…eh, the theme is past my prime. I gave it to Maya, who loved it.

Even if you are not into The Sex Pistols like Jett was, you can adapt the technique to your liking. The Runaways is available on DVD.



Tulip Fabric Spray Paint (2 bottles in contrasting colors)
Watercolor paper
Craft knife
Sheet of heavy paper to slide inside shirt


Draw block letters on watercolor paper. Cut out the letters, and then words. Insert paper inside shirt. Arrange on front of shirt. Spray with one color over half the design, another color over the rest. Let dry. Flip over and use cut-out letters for the back, spray again. To get overall coverage, scrunch shirt in various areas and spray. Open and spray contrasting color. Let dry. Let set for four hours, wash alone in cold water.

"Crafty por vida" stenciled tee

My first time with fused glass


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