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"Crafty por vida" stenciled tee

Last week at the craft convention, I got to play around with the new Tulip Tie Dye Fashion Kits – they are these new kits that come with all kinds of stencils and textures to use on fabric when you spray fabric dye. The entire time I was demoing, I kept thinking about coming home to play with the concept even more.
I eventually made two fun shirts, here is one, and I’ll show you the other one in a few days. I wanted a hard, chunky, almost punky kind of look. So I went with hand cut stencils.
“Crafty por vida” means “crafty for life.”
I used watercolor paper and drew out block letters and cut them out with a craft knife. Then I placed all kinds of items from my studio on the shirt.
NOTE: Only use items that you don’t mind getting paint on!
Then I used different colors of Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint™ all over. For the areas outside of the stencil, I scrunched it up and used multiple colors. The cool thing is that the watercolor paper stencils are easy to cut through, yet very sturdy so you can use them multiple times. AND – you can also save the letters you cut out and use those on a different project!
This is the back of the shirt. It’s fun and silly, and
I’m happy that Maya asked to keep it, that is a good sign!
Wait until you see the next one, it was inspired by a movie!

Washing instructions: Let the shirt sit for 4 hours, and then wash alone in cold water.
You are good to go after that!


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  1. ADM (Aye Dios Mio) = OMG! Saw this on a t-shirt @ “Spanglish” tienda in Sacto the other day. Loved the video! Especially the musik! You gurls rock! Kathy, I was dropping a line to THANK U 4 the earrings. They arrived just I was I leaving for the city. So of course, I had to wear them to the art show. I got so many compliments.


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