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I made an apron tonight (prepping to teach my class tomorrow)!


I have my apron class for Art Unraveled tomorrow! Very excited! Here is a recent apron (very recent… I made it tonight using my new sewing machine!) I made from all scraps – even a napkin that I folded and used as the front pocket. The Virgin of Guadalupe applique is actually a pocket for pens, markers or thin paint brushes.

The bottom area is made from drapes I made that did not make the cut into my sewing book. They are strips of contrasting batik with yarn sewed down them. My editor thought this was too busy of a look and asked me to tone them down.

NOTE: If you’ve seen my sewing book, you’ll notice I did hot pink satin and hot pink batik without the yarn. To me that is toned down!

So ever since, I’ve been using the rejected drapes for fabric collage. I love how they look!

I still want to add one more embellishment – on the upper half on the bottom left side – I feel like it needs something there, maybe an applique with a touch of glitter.

How do I make aprons? I use a pattern I made from a paper bag, but even so, they always turn out different. no two are ever alike.

I think aprons are pretty easy to make, you don’t really need a pattern, unless you want a specific, precise shape or type. I like to freeform and see where the sewing journey takes me. For example, this apron started with a square top, but when I tied it on the mannequin, it looked too boxy, so I folded the top corners back and stitched them at an angle. Much better! It gives it more of a flattering shape.

I’m wondering what my students will come up with! I’ll make sure to take pictures and post them so you can see!


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  1. I LOVE this soo much! Your design is so inspiring and lovely!! I wish i could learn how to make this lovely apron but im so far away! 🙁 Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


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