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 I’m officially addicted to my Hipstamatic iPhone app. I am snapping pictures at every opportunity. Here is how I spent my Sunday, as told in a few photos!

We had an emergency Phoenix Fridas meeting this morning to discuss a project that popped up. We met at Anita’s and she made these for snacks. Toasted French bread with fig jam, cream cheese and green apples. And walnuts!

Sketching our unified idea.

In the afternoon, Maya and I went to see Eat Pray Love and then had pizza. I didn’t read the EPL book, so my thoughts are based solely on the movie. I was underwhelmed, even bored at some points. I really wanted to like this movie. But the lead character was portrayed as very whiney and mopey. It drained me. But it was worth the ticket price just for the locales alone! Okay, and for James Franco and Javier Bardem too. I also loved the side characters. Hmmm, pretty much everything except the main character! Maya didn’t like it either. Halfway through, she leaned and said “You so owe me pizza after this!” We went to Grimaldi’s and chowed down!

Funny note on movie: In the ticket line, there was a couple in front of us. He hands over a $20 to the attendant and says “Two for Eat Play Love, please.” His wife/GF leans in and says to him, “Honey, it is Eat PRAY Love!” He moaned: “What? Ehhhh, what kind of a movie is this??”

Came home, watched E.T. (movie) with Patrick, chatted with one of my favorite all-time authors, Michele Serros, and then went to work on my book!

Love & light,

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  1. Hi Kathy,
    I am looking forward to read your next novel. I really enjoyed, Waking Up In The Land Of Glitter. in particular, because, you included some “older” interesting characters in the story. ( I am a gradma in her early 60s)
    I also have your book, Guide to Arful Sewing. Haven’t done any projects yet, but I like to look at the pictures.

    I became acquainted with you, through a knitting book, ( can’t recall the name right now) that had a little heart design made by you. I checked the credits in the book,found your blog’s URL and became an instant fan.

    But.. let it go in your conscience, that, thanks to you, I am now addicted to blogs; you were my inspiration.
    I loved your video about the mean bank teller. You and Maya are great actors. You should make more videos like those.
    All the best
    Meximissus from Calgary ,Alberta, Canada.

  2. OH! I forgot to say, that, I trust your judgment of the movie, Eat, Pray, Love. The trailers I have seen, struck me as too dull to my taste, and those are the interesting parts…thank you for the review, you have saved me a few bucks.

    Maybe you should be a movie critic, now that the movie show has folded after 30 years ( yesterday by the way).

  3. great post!! i finally started working again & Hipstamatic is one of many toys on my wish-list
    (as well as a Holga camera…)
    glad to see you’re enjoying it!!!

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