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Crochet It. Love It. Wear It!

Anyone who has read my recent novel, knows that I have a character named Ofie in there who not only crochets, but crochets fast.  Well, that aspect of Ofie’s life is inspired by ME! I love to crochet! I learned many years ago from a Jamaican woman at a reggae party. She taught me how to whip out crocheted tams and beanies. I used to crank one out a night and then sell them at Patrick’s concerts! I only know the double stitch, but I sure work it at miracle speed.
Because of this personal history with yarn, I’ve always had a soft spot for crochet. I once wrote a story for the newspaper about how crochet was the Jan Brady compared to knitting’s Marcia. Knitting gets all the attention. I also interviewed Lily Chin when she won the International Speed Crochet competition!
Yup, I love me some crochet. In my opinion, we hot handed hookers are quirky as much as we are sassy.
If you agree, you’ll love the spirit behind the new book, Crochet It. Love It. Wear It! by Drew Emborsky, The Crochet Dude.
There are thirteen projects that range from beginner to heavy duty expert. From skirts to scarves, there is something for everyone – even a type of crocheted corset.
Now here is my take on this book – I love all these offerings. They are tailored to show off a woman’s best curves, the styles have movement, yet also structure, and come in gorgeous solid colors. Drew has a fun, conversational tone that makes you feel like he is right next to you, explaining his inspiration for the projects. This dude knows his stuff and is excited to share!
If you are like me and want to “chicafy” these looks, take each project as a wonderful foundation in which to build upon. Maybe a little weaved-in ribbon around the neckline, beads stitched in throughout, appliques here and there, etc.
Bottom line? No matter what your personality, there are oodles of opportunities with Drew’s new page turner!

P.S. Check out my new novel!

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