"WHAT are these for?"

The other day at the fabric store I asked the clerk to please cut my selected trims. Orange, hot pink, purple…you know, one of my usual color combinations.
She snipped the first two and then couldn’t hold it in any longer.
What are these for?”
“A lampshade!” I replied, just before I whipped out to snap the picture of my trims so I could blog the moment. I somehow knew it would be a memorable one.
My response made her even more confused. “All of them?” she asked right back.
“Yup!” I said proudly.
She kinda half smirked/half smiled and said “Hmmm. Well, good luck with that.”
Just then the other fabric clerk came over and said, “Oh my gosh, it’s the Crafty Chica! What are you buying?” She glanced at my trims and said, “Why of course, bright colors! I bet you are going to make something really neat with those!”
The other clerk was kind of startled at first and then seemed to go with the orange, hot pink and purple groove. She smiled bright and told me good luck and to have fun with my crazy trims.
The entire transaction ended on a happy note!
The moral of this story – always stay true to who you are, even if not everyone “gets” you. There will always be someone who does!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂
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Love & light,

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  1. Oh, too funny! That’s very pretty trim, and it’ll make a fine lampshade.

    The nice ladies at my local fabric store are used to me saying “I don’t know exactly, but it called me by my true name and I had to buy it”, or “The (whatever art doll I’m working on) wants it”.

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