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Every year around Dia de los Muertos I make a new set of Papel Picado banners. There is a traditional, painstaking way, but I go the easy route. You can either fold up the tissue like a snowflake and cut your shapes or you can do one at a time. I used stencils as a guide to get some nifty looking swirlies. I call it mixing the new with the old!


Colored tissue paper cut to desired size
Craft knife
Self-healing mat
Design drawn on to paper
Blue painter’s tape

Directions: Draw your design on the paper, and slide it under the tissue. Carefully trace the design. Remove paper from underneath and tape tissue (taut) to self-healing mat. Cut out the designs.

If you feel brave, you can stack a few layers of tissue. Cut the bottoms to be festive!

Have fun and spell out words! You can also use white tissue for wedding banners!

For studier pieces, use construction or art paper, plastic, oilcloth or even fabric.

Skully Pin

Sugar Skull Reverse Glass Painting


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