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Sugar Skull Reverse Glass Painting


While everyone else uses the same old decorations, you can add a distinctive touch to your altar by whipping together one of these cheery calaca frames. Visit the local dollar store to pick up a batch of small frames and some paint. Give them as gifts or use them at your next fiesta’s table setting. You’ll be the life of the Day of the Dead party!

• 1 small frame
•acrylic craft paint
• Thin, liner paintbrush
Directions: Take apart the components of the frame. Set the piece of glass on a flat surface. Using the liner brush and black paint, draw a skull on the glass. Let dry. Now paint on flowers and other decorations and let dry. Paint the entire face with white paint. Let dry and put the frame back together.
TIP: Add glitter to the design before you add the paint for a sparkly effect!

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