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DIY applique skull bookmarks


How to make DIY applique skull bookmarks! We all know reading is more fun with fancy bookmarks, right? Here is a sparkly way to liven up the whole page turning experience!

This a good project to use up any extra fabric appliques you have in your stash. Use them to create these colorful bookmarks. 

They are great to keep for your own library or to give as gifts.

Supplies for DIY applique skull bookmarks:

Glittered canvas Check out my tutorial to make this, it’s pretty easy and you can use it for all kinds of crafts. It works great for these bookmarks!

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Skull applique

Fabric glue

  • Instructions

    1. Cut the fabric with pinking shears in 1′ x 6” strips.
    2. Spread a thin, even coat of glue onto front of fabric and immediately pour glitter over it. Press with finger then tap away excess. Let dry.
    3. For Green bookmark, glue together backing and glittered fabric using Fabric Fusion, let dry.
    4. Cut an upside down “V” from the bottom.
    5. Iron on the appliqué to the top of the bookmark, but leave some protruding from the top.
    Miscellaneous Notes
    If using Crafty Chica DIY Appliques, use fabric markers to color them in!

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