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Mask on a Stick


Whether you are going to a Halloween of dia de los Muertos party, you’ll need a fun mask! Check out your local craft or party store to pick up an inexpensive foundation, then dress up as you see fit!


1. Paint the mask with one color as a base coat. Use contrasting colors for accents. Let dry.

2. Brush on a coat of decoupage medium over the painted mask, and pour on the white glitter. Tap away excess.

3. Hot glue the handle to the bottom of the back of the mask.

4. Hot glue the tiara on top.

5. Hot glue rhinestones as desired.

Tips and variations: Decorate you mask any way you want! Decoupage it or add mosaic pieces!


paper mache mask from craft store

acrylic craft paint

decoupage medium

white glitter

tongue depressor

plastic tiara


hot glue

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