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Maya in the Moment: Tulip Face Paint Kit!



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It’s Halloween season! Finally! Being the drama queen that I am, I love to dress up early in the month. Last weekend I babysat my little cousin and decided to try out the new Tulip® Face Paint Kit with her. At first I thought I’d be doing all the painting, being the one in charge and all, but the kits come with stencils and make up sponges that are super easy to use. Bella ended up painting MY face!

The kit comes with two sheets of stencils, two sheets of tattoos, paints and tools to apply them. The paints are creamy and dark, but you can add a little bit of water if you want to lighten them or do shading. There is also an instruction booklet to give you ideas of what you want to paint. I like that you can add something simple like little stars on your cheek or you can go all out and cover your whole face. I’m definitely going to use my kit again for school spirit week and when I go out with my friends this month.

You know how I know this kit is good for little kids (aside from a teenager like me)? Because Bella had been crying all day because her tooth was super loose and about to come out. Once we started,  she completely forgot about her tooth. Well, until it finally came out. Yah there were tears but they didn’t last for very long because she wanted to get back to face painting!

You can buy the Tulip Face Paint kit at Walmart stores during the Halloween season. Hurry and go get one, you’ll have gobs of fun!


Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂
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