Weekend wrap; Denver trip to tape for Sew It All!

FRIDAY: Demoing Tulip Face Paint at Arizona State Fair. It was soooo hot outside, but people LOVED the kits! Especially this guy. Megamind. It took me FOREVER to cover his alien skin with the blue paint!
FRIDAY: At Vision Gallery Dia de los Muertos opening. This is my little nicho I made. We also had a vending booth outside and met some awesome people! It was nice to be surrounded by such talented folks!
SATURDAY: Patrick’s band played at the African festival and I stayed home to relax. Later that night we went to Patrick’s sister’s birthday party. Her husband cracked us up with his candle concoction. Can you take a guess as to how old Stacey turned? Can you figure out his reasoning for these candles? I’ll put the answer at the bottom. (Love how the fours are turned backward!)
SUNDAY: I demoed Tulip Fabric Sprays and Fashion Graffiti stencils at Fiesta Phoenix downtown. People really got into it, all ages!
This is Jim Covarrubias, a famous artist in Phoenix. He couldn’t resist making a bag either! I found some old Crafty Chica prototype stencils (skull) and he had his way with them!

Next up – the whirlwind month of ultimate craftiness continues this week with my trip to Denver today to film an episode of the new series, Sew It All with Ellen March.

Sew It All is an extension of Sew News Magazine and will launch in early 2011 on PBS. I can’t begin to tell you how HAPPY I am that there is new crafty TV programming going on. Thank goodness for PBS and all the wonderful sponsors (muchas gracias iLoveToCreate!). I’ll be demoing a project from my Crafty Chica’s Guide to Artful Sewing book. you’ll have to tune in next year to see which one!

Here is a tip I learned while prepping for this shoot. If you want to change your button colors without removing and sewing on new ones, simply paint over them with nail polish! It is enamel and dries sleek and smooth and will not come off after washings. I’m going to mention this in my segment! You can also use paint pens, but I found that nail polish lasts much longer.

I’m still be chased by a stubborn cold, but I’m still two steps ahead thanks to my Airborne. As soon as I stop taking it twice a day, I feel the tickle in my throat. As soon as I get home from Denver, I plan to relax and rest and recharge my body inside and out.

Enjoy your day!

Here is a snippet of Sew It All!



Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂
P.S. Check out my new novel!

Love & light,

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