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5 Meaningful Thanksgiving Crafts

5 Meaningful Thanksgiving Crafts! Set aside the pilgrims, the turkey and the pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving is a universal concept: giving thanks!

When it comes to thinking of crafts for this holiday, I get very sentimental. I like for people to remember the main focus. My projects are not polished or Martha-worthy, but they certainly come straight from the heart. My heart!

I hope you like these and find a way to adapt them to your own liking!

1. Party favors: Thankful Bubbles!

Take celebratory bubble bottle party favors and make new labels that show all the things your family is thankful for. You can be serious, or be wacky. I used glue and glitter, but these would look pretty written in calligraphy, or rubber stamped designs. My tip: Keep the bubbles away from the dinner table!

2. Thanksgiving Trivia Placemats

Use your scrapbooking skills to create a one-of-a-kind placemat. The fun part is that this project presents a list of family trivia questions! See who knows the most about everyone in the family! We all know it will be Nana, but it’s fun to try, right? I printed and laminated a placemat for my brother, sister and mom (and one for me too!). Use color copies of pictures, a glue stick and whatever accents you want. You can have them professionally laminated at a copy store, or you can use clear vinyl and sew them, or use clear contact paper. (The top placemat is one I made for my friend, Amy)



3. Be Thankful Napkin Rings

These are beads on memory wire with a hanging wood disc covered in paper. Nothing too fancy in the design, but the message is strong. Type out little positive phrases and affix to the discs. Make everyone at the dinner table share what their napkin ring says! another fun idea is to use them as place settings and glue a family photo to each one, and on the other a quote that person is known for saying! You can then keep them after the party, and use them next year!

 4. Felicidades Table Favors

These are cute mini-canvases and easels (I found these at Michaels) that you can decorate with happy themes for your meal and gathering! You can decoupage them with family pictures and use them for place settings. They will make cute takeaways for your guests!




5. Family Photo Rubik’s Cube

Every Thanksgiving tablescape could use some new spice this year – and I’m not talking about Auntie’s pumpkin pie. I’m referring to conversation starters and activities. This Rubik’s Cube will get the crowd going, especially because it will have family pictures on it!


Thanks for checking out my post about 5 Meaningful Thanksgiving Crafts!

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