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Felicidad Table Favors

Sitting at the dinner table is a time for sharing stories, laughter, and of course good food! Add a bit of color and spice to your setting with these min-canvas masterpieces. This one says “felicidad” which is an informal way of saying “happiness” in Spanish.Miscellaneous

    •   Mini easel
    •   Foil or paper plate
    •   Newspaper
    •   Scissors
    •   Paintbrushes – flat, round and liner
    •   Tissue paper – gold and purple
    •   Pencil
    •   Mini canvas


    1. Cover work surface with newspaper. Using the black Permanent Fabric Marker, write uplifting verses on the canvas.
    2. Cut a piece of purple tissue paper to fit surface of canvas and a piece of gold tissue paper that is about 1” smaller on all sides than purple tissue square. Use the flat brush to apply a coat of Glossy Gloss Varnish onto surface of canvas. Place purple tissue paper onto canvas over varnish, smoothing out, then place the gold tissue square in the middle of the purple square. Lightly add another coat of varnish. Let dry.
    3. Cut out a heart from the Mojito Papers and use the varnish to affix it to the upper portion of canvas in the center.
    4. Squeeze desired colors of paint onto a piece of foil or paper plate. Paint a ribbon banner across the bottom of canvas. Let dry, then use a pencil to write an uplifting word on banner. Use liner brush to paint over word with black paint. Let dry.
    5. Coat entire canvas with varnish and let dry.
    6. Use the liner brush to trim edges of canvas with varnish, then immediately sprinkle Goddess Gold Chunky Glitter onto varnish. Let dry then shake off excess glitter.
    7. Paint and varnish the easel in desired colors and designs.

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂
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