Ready for Spanish Market (or I Was a One-Woman Factory This Week)

I’ve emerged from the art room after four non-stop days of making things. We have Spanish Market in just a few hours (I really need to get to bed), and I just finished packing everything up.

I had only FOUR days to make stock. Patrick spent the whole time working on paintings while I did all the home decor and jewelry stuff. I think I set a record for myself. This is what I made in four days…

9 fabric collage scarves
5 fabric collage aprons
8 fabric collage pillows
14 bracelets
12 earrings
48 ornaments
20 desktop shrines
75 magnets
8 crosses
4 wall mirrors

I think that’s it. I had some wood boxes prepped, but I just did not have the energy. Everything is very labor intensive, painting, letting it dry, varnish, letting it dry and air out, signing each piece, wrapping each piece, making signs, tags, etc…

It’s so worth it, I loved that I was able to create all day and night this week. I got started at 7:30 every morning and stopped at 3 am. I’m taking Airborne, lots of it. Now i’m crossing my fingers that we get a good crowd at Spanish Market. It is at the Heard Museum today and Sunday, 10-5. Every year we have collectors that are there, right at 10 am, at our booth to get the best stuff. I hope it stays that way!

Actually the biggest pay-off is that after this weekend, my three-month run of craziness finally slows down. This is our last big event for a while. I can relax, savor the free time, do other things with mi familia than paint!

By the way – I did finish that gingerbread house, it came out very cute, I’m proud of it! I’ll post pictures soon. OK, off to hug my bed pillow!!!!

Have a super weekend!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂
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Love & light,

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  1. Hi Kathy,
    I think you and Patrick thrive under stress.

    I am a procastinator, but I can work marvels as a deadline approaches.

    Best of luck in the Spanish Market, it sounds like something I would like to see.
    Saludos desde Canadá.

  2. U R a crafting DIVA! Wish I were in PHX! Good luck at Market. I just closed our 3rd Crafters Elephant (craftsfolk sell stashes of new & gently used tools, supplies, etc); very $ucce$$ful fundraiser for them & our library. Ready to greet my pillow, too. Mahalo for your infectious enthusiasm. Enjoy your familytime.

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