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Why you should sketch.

Project sketch I made in 2008 for my sewing book. This one didn’t get approved, but I’m glad I kept the sketch because now I can make this project for my house!

I have a love/hate relationship with sketching. In all my years of making things, I’ve never been one to plan ahead. I just sit and let the supplies speak to me and go with the flow. But when I worked on my sewing book a few years back, my editor required sketches for every project. It kind of scared me to think that far ahead, but I had to do it to move forward.

I found the process intimidating and it made me second guess myself. I would have asked Patrick to step in, he is the one who is good at all that stuff, but I forced myself to try.

Pictured above is a sketch from my sewing book that didn’t get approved. I found it recently and actually love it! I plan to make it for my blog. I’m so happy I had a record of this idea, otherwise I would have forgotten it.

I also have a journal where I draw out ideas for craft designs and paintings. Sometimes the the sketch turns out to be the actual art piece! Even though it is extra work, I LOVE to sketch now. It calms me down. It feels like I’m outlining a short story…There is always the eraser to fix the errors! I’ve since taken a couple online classes that have been very helpful and I’ve even graduated to drawing people!

This week I had to sketch for work for a BIG project. The rule is – once you turn in the sketch and it is approved, you have to stick with it, no little extras.

Well, I made the final projects and last night before I went to bed I noticed little extras I had added without even realizing! My brain wants to do one thing, but my hands have a mind of their own.

I could turn it in as is, but I want to be a true professional. So I stayed up late and made the projects all over from scratch – and stuck exactly to my original sketch.


However, I’m turning in both versions, you never know, they might like the little extras.

Mexi-crafts I made last week…

Party favors: Thankful Bubbles!


3 thoughts on “Why you should sketch.”

  1. Hi Kathy,
    Practice makes perfect. Keep doing it until you are satisfied with your results.

    Devil preaching morals( Diablo predicando moral) I wish I would take my own advise.
    Lots of snow here in Calgary, good day to do some crafts, but I have to shovel snow.. Excuses, excuses…

  2. I so relate to your lament of “My brain wants to do one thing, but my hands have a mind of their own.”

    I have piles of things, that I look at and, look at and for some reason feel they are “not done”. Luckily several of my daughter in laws go nuts for something I did and then I know, they are ready to go!


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