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Spooky Little Girl

Description: Death is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.

Coming home from a Hawaiian vacation with her best girlfriends, Lucy Fisher is stunned to find everything she owns tossed out on her front lawn, the locks changed, and her fiancé’s phone disconnected—plus she’s just lost her job. With her world spinning wildly out of her control, Lucy decides to make a new start and moves upstate to live with her sister and nephew.
But then things take an even more dramatic turn: A fatal encounter with public transportation lands Lucy not in the hereafter but in the nearly hereafter. She’s back in school, learning the parameters of spooking and how to become a successful spirit in order to complete a ghostly assignment. If Lucy succeeds, she’s guaranteed a spot in the next level of the afterlife—but until then, she’s stuck as a ghost in the last place she would ever want to be.
Trying to avoid being trapped on earth for all eternity, Lucy crosses the line between life and death and back again when she returns home. Navigating the perilous channels of the paranormal, she’s determined to find out why her life crumbled and why, despite her ghastly death, no one seems to have noticed she’s gone. But urgency on the spectral plane—in the departed person of her feisty grandmother, who is risking both their eternal lives—requires attention, and Lucy realizes that you get only one chance to be spectacular in death.

Why I loved this book: Laurie has always had the magic touch when it comes to storytelling. This is her best effort yet. It is themed around death, the afterlife, ghosts and unfinished business. But this isn’t your usual haunted story – it is presented “Laurie-style” – which means plenty of laughs and clever, unpredictable action. But what I loved the most is that it has so much heart in it. Anyone who has ever lost a loved parent, grandparent, sibling, friend, even a pet will feel comfort and lightness after reading Laurie’s take on the afterlife. It’s meaningful on many different levels. The message is universal and uplifting without being mushy or corny. Seriously, you’ll want to buy a copy for each of your friends and family members. Thank you, Laurie, for another great book!

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