Dad’s Red Chile Sauce!

We do Secret Santafor our extended family, but I like to get a little something for everyone. It’s weird not having my dad’s tamales around, and I totally cannot master the masa portion of the recipe, however, I rock at making the red chile! So I went with that! I made twelve jars of my dad’s red chile sauce, and sealed them in jars and made labels for them. Everyone loved them! It was a happy way to celebrate his spirit and to incorporate him into the festivities! Read more after the jump…

DeAngelo helped me deseed six bags of dried chiles. We used three hot and three mild. After we deseeded the pods, we boiled all the chiles in a big pot, seasoned them,  and then liquefied them in the food processor. We used beef broth and water from the chile pot and added more seasoning. After that we made a gravy from oil and flour and mixed it all together. Can you say TASTY??? I kept one big batch for us to red chile burritos, and the rest I poured into jars and handed them to family out on Christmas day.

My goal for next year is to master the masa!


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  1. Would love to have your receipe for the red chili sauce. I just love mexican food. I could eat it every day of the week. This looks so good. Love your web site. Really laughed at your story of the chili in the nose!

  2. I have always wanted to can my red chile sauce (I put broth in it after cooking my meat for chile colorado, so I would can it without the broth). But I looked on the internet and the New Mexico Extension Service said not to can red chile because it is too alkaline and you would have to add an acid, such as vinegar, which I don’t want to do because it would change the flavor. If you were successful at canning red chile, I would love to know how to avoid the dangers that the NMES said could result (as if anyone could ever die from eating red chile!). Thanks!

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