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DIY Artful Window Shade

If you think blinds are boring and curtains are too curvy, think flat…as in a roller shade that you can tug up and down at will. By adding your favorite fabric to the usual installation hardware, you’ll have a flavorful focal point in your kitchen or family room. Directions after the jump.


1 window shade kit
Fabric, 2-3 yards (or more if needed)
Sequined fringe trim
Large tassel with rope
Hot glue
Measuring tape
Rotary cutting tool, or scissors

Make it:

1.     Measure:
–       The width of the inner area of the window, leaving approximately 1-1/2 inches on both sides, to leave room for the hardware for the shade.
–       The length of the window and how far you want the shade to hang. Convert this into yards, so you can purchase the fabric (TIP: 36 inches, or 3 feet in a yard).
–       The fabric to fit the above measurements, but leave and extra half inch to each side.
2.     Open the shade. Spray all the way across and then down about 10″.  Iron the fabric with starch. Line up the fabric, set it on top and smooth out any wrinkles. Continue to work in rows until you reach the bottom. There will be 1/2 inch fabric flaps on each side, spray and iron these so they are folded over to the back. Use hot glue to secure them in place.

3.   Flip the shade over and hot glue the fringe along the bottom. Now hot glue the tassel rope over the fringe of the seam, making sure the tassel hangs from the center. Assemble and install hardware according to package directions and hang.

Take it to the next level!

·      Create a modern modular effect by using various textures of fabrics that are in the same color family.
·      If you don’t want to use spray adhesive, you can try fusible adhesive, it is more expensive, but will work nicely.
 –    You can also paint your own shade. Buy some blank cotton fabri cor canvas, paint your own and affix to the unit.


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