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Refresh your ironing board

My iron and a tabletop ironing board are main staples at my sewing station. Having them close by saves me time from going into the laundry to press seams. But I don’t just use them for that, I use the set to apply fusible webbing and iron-on adhesive in a lot of my fabric projects. No matter how hard I try to keep things clean and neat, my little ironing board ends up with sticky residue and it then transfers to my new projects. Grrrr!
Instead of whining, I refreshed it – and it only took a few minutes! Directions and more photos after the jump.

This is what you need:
  • iron-on adhesive (comes in a roll)
  • scissors
  • fabric to cover the board
By the way, I bought my tabletop ironing board at Joann Stores for $9.99.
 1. Cut a piece of the adhesive to fit the top of the board. Let about 1/8″ overlap. Set your iron on high and glide it over the board, even the edges. Let it cool and then peel off the paper backing of the adhesive.
 2. Spread out the new fabric on top. With your iron on high, glide it all over until the new fabric is fused. Don’t forget the edges!
3. That’s it! It only took a few minutes for a brand new residue-free tabletop ironing board, happy and ready for more mileage!

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