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DIY Christmas Cards


First I turned on the Hallmark Channel to watch holiday movies, just to get in the spirit.  Next, I went with blank cards (how did we ever live without them?), a stack of glitter cardstock, color copies of pictures and my personal salutation that I printed from my computer. oh! And glue sticks!


I decided to tear off the edges of the glitter cardstock pieces so I could trim them with black ink. I ended up with a pile of luxurious scraps! you think I would toss these babies out/ Heck to the NO! I put them in Ziplock to use on my new mixed media canvas collages (that I’m going to make in the new year).


Here are the cards set out to dry. I made 30 and burned through three Aleene’s® Acid-Free Tacky Glue™ Glue Stick. I glued down the cardstock and then the picture in the center, but the cards still lacked that “pop.” Therefore I added some swirly glittered accents.

Easy and heartfelt!! Is it just me, or is addressing the cards harder than actually making them?



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