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Triple Shine Loteria Ornaments

Forget tinsel! Dazzle up your Christmas tree with these sparklicious Loteria Ornaments! Use your favorite Crafty Chica™ Paint Packs™ and Chunky Glitters™ with Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue® to create ornaments with crafty flare.
Triple shine = bright colors, lots of glitter, topped with glossy varnish! Directions after the jump.

Materials List

  • Crafty Chica® Little Chica Paint Packs™
  • Crafty Chica® Loteria Game™
  • Crafty Chica® Chunky Glitters™
      25696 Goddess Gold
      25698 Be-Bop Black
      Rockabilly Ruby
  • Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue®
  • Crafty Chica® Glossy Gloss Varnish™
  • Miscellaneous

    •   Large heart-shaped wood ornaments
    •   Foil or paper plate
    •   Scratch paper
    •   Ribbon
    •   Craft brushes
    •   Two-part resin


    1. Cover work area with scratch paper. Squeeze your favorite color(s) from the Crafty Chica™ Little Chica Paint Packs™ onto foil/paper plate. Basecoat the ornaments with paint and let dry.
    2. Cut out your favorite images from the Crafty Chica™ Loteria Game™ gameboard card and using Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue®, glue one image onto each ornament.
    3. Pour Original Tacky Glue® onto foil, and using crafting brush, paint a layer of glue around the image. Pour your choice of glitter onto the glue and press with finger to set. Tap away excess onto scratch paper and return to container for re-use. Use your finger to add a thin coat of glue over the Loteria Game™ image.
    4. Mix the two-part resin according to package directions. Apply over entire ornament and let cure over night.
    5. Add painted accents around the edge of the ornament using your favorite colors from the Little Chica Paint Packs™. Let dry.
    6. Apply Crafty Chica™ Glossy Gloss Varnish™ to the outer edges and back of ornament to add shine.
    7. String ribbon through hole in ornament and tie.
    8. Hang and enjoy!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂
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  1. I love everything you make. I have been using your ideas with some very special kids in my vocational art class. Thank You for sharing!


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