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Basecoating a leather bag with my beloved Tulip Soft Paints!

I used to use acrylics for EVERYTHING, including painting purses. Once I started working for iLoveToCreate a few years back I was able to experiment with all the products and became a devotee of Soft Paints. Granted, I never bought them before because I thought of them as a splurge item. Now they are a main staple, and I just found a new use for them today!

Here I’m painting a leather bag. I collect these Mexican bags and paint them (not all of them, some I keep in original condition). In the photo below, you can see how much I get into the process!


When I used acrylics on the purses, I had the problem of the paint scratching off, it seemed to rest on top of the surface, even if I glazed over it. And it cracked.

This is the first time I’ve use Soft Paints on my purses. I’ve used them on vinyl, canvas, cotton, velvet and suede, but not leather!

It goes on like butta! The Soft Paints are formulated for fabric and they pretty much embed into the surface, like a silk screen almost, and they dry to a semi-gloss finish and are super flexible.  I don’t mean to sound like a commercial, I’m just sharing the love!

I got so excited about how yummy the paints worked on my leather bag that I had to set down my paintbrush, get up from my art table and come over here and share this with you! I can hardly wait to see what the end result looks like! This is for one of my upcoming Crafty Cinema projects – stay tuned!

Hey – I wonder if you can guess what movie this bag is themed for?


The Sugar Queen

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  1. I’ve been using acrylic paints but having the scratch off problem even when sealed. I am disappointed to have to buy even more paints! Not that I despise a large collection…lol!

    But do you coat/seal with anything after?


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